National Bilby Day

Save the bilby national bilby day

National Bilby Day

Yesterday, 11th September was the annual National Bilby Day.

I am afraid I am a day behind the times here but I just want to share the cute bilby love because they are another unique and cute Australian animal that needs our affection.  The information below and image above I have gathered from Save the Bilby Fund’s website.

  They are listed as endangered here in Queensland with only 400-600 wild bilbies.  Threats include feral cats and foxes, and competing for food and habitat with rabbits.

A couple of interesting facts are that the bilbies big ears help to cool its body due to the ears large surface area which cools the blood passing through the blood vessels close to the skin surface, and that the bilbies are one of the fastest breeding animals on the earth with a 12-14 day pregnancy.

For more information and to help save the bilby please see

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