A common question I kept being asked was ‘what movies did you see on the plane?’.  So here is a post showing which movies I saw on and off the plane:
Back in the UK I saw Cowboys and Aliens.  If you are a fan of Daniel Craig’s butt then this is for you, but it was a good action flick.

 On the plane tmy two favourite films were Thor and Pirates 4.  You can’t not like Jack Sparrow; and Thor surpassed my expectations even so that I watched it agan on the return flight (I tried to recently get into the comic books after watching the film, but it seems totally different – in my opinion the film is much better than the comic books I read – I think they created a good level of humour that was lacking in the books).

A leaving present that I got from Tidbinbilla was the film documentary Kangaroo Faces in the Mob.  I watched it back in the UK whilst I was having a kangaroo missing moment, and this film is fantastic.  It is a two year documentary study following the antics of a certain mob of kangaroos.  It is full of interesting facts to learn from, excellent footage, and unfortunately a very sad moment in the film.

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