Minster Man launch at Thought Bubble

Early on Saturday morning, Hazel and I departed from York all set with 50 Minster Man comics, both of us wearing a Grilla T-Shirt, and a poster to display.

We arrived nice and early at the Royal Armouries in Leeds for Thought Bubble, whilst all the other exhibitors were still setting up their tables. With time on Credit union locations our hands we put out the postcard flyers, handed the poster over for it to be displayed at the front desk and then sat down to have a coffee. Then before I knew it I had spilt some coffee down my nice new fresh clean white Grilla T-Shirt – Great, what a start!

10 o clock came and we found a great position to sell and before long Hazel was into the thick of it selling Minster Man – Wahoo, you go girl!
We were stood opposite the tables with colouring in pads, and the guy said if we wanted to colour in we could. So when the seascape outline came up, I rushed in and coloured an octopus orange!

Throughout the day we met some great people:- Steve Tanner from Time Bomb; Geoff Fetishman Banyard (but unfortunately he never put on his leather costume with zip!); AccentUK; Matthew Kitchen doing some freelance photography for Travelling Man; the guy in a purple shirt (Insomnia Publications) from BICS – who is now the guy in a pink shirt from Thought Bubble; Scott Constantine from the three r’s; and half a dozen storm troopers!
I also had an interview from a Leeds University student to go towards her project – hope I provided some good material for you!
Lisa and all the Thought Bubble staff were very helpful and well organised and I would just like to say thank you very much for putting this event together.

By the end of the day we had sold 20 comics 🙂 most thanks go to my chief seller Hazel! So we are please to say that Minster Man’s first outing was successful.

But the day didn’t end there – next was the after show party at the Alea Casino. There Hazel and I had a great evening with the company of Steve Tanner and his wife chatting about comics and beyond, and we were even privileged to witness Steve’s ‘dancing in his chair’ moves!

We both had a great day and hope the 20 new Minster Man comic owners enjoy the read. If anyone missed out on a comic and/or would like one at show price (plus p&p) please send me an email edd@eddcrosscomics.co.uk

We are now looking forward to next year already, but will it be with a return of Minster Man in a sequel…?


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