Merchandise Update – RedBubble Test

Edd Cross Illustrator merchandise cute australia wildlife gifts Red Bubble Cafepress

Today I have received one of two packages from my first order from RedBubble

My online store is currently based on CafePress which is located in US but unfortunately this means a hefty postage for delivery over here to Australia. RedBubble, however, is based in Australia and so I have decided to get a couple of things from there as a test run.

RedBubble’s reviews are great, so here is hoping a nice printed product inside.  Can’t tell you what it is yet as it is a gift for a certain someone!  If all is good, I will create a RedBubble store so Australian based purchases are more cost effective for you 🙂

I will still keep my CafePress store as it has a large variety of products, and it works well for Americans seeking cute Australian wildlife illustrated merchandise and gifts.

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