Koalas on Mount Gravatt

A few months ago we heard that there were some koalas on Mount Gravatt (link) which is pretty cool to think that they are that near to us!  We always look up in the trees when we walk the mountain to spot them, and a few weeks ago I saw a little bundle of blue high up in a tree!  EXCITING!

But best of all, there wasn’t only one!  In the next tree along was another koala, and this one had more of a grey coat to it.  I returned my gaze back to the first one as I was a bit puzzled by it’s shape – it looked like it had an extra arm or leg, but sure enough it was a little joey tucked away asleep!  After a few minutes it realised it’s mum was perplexed as to why we were staring at them, and so it woke up to take a look at us too!

Beautiful creatures.  Great to think they are just about on our doorstep!!

Photo below taken by Hazel:

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