Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Weeks 7 and 8

I’m back, and had a fab little trip up north to Tropical Queensland.  I filled half a sketchbook and can’t wait to share my favourite images from it with you all as I tell you about my latest Oz Eddventures.  But first, as I had my art class this morning, I will start by showing you the images that I created for that.

As I had two weeks to make up for, there are two lots of homework to show you.  First of all, Franki asked us to place our character in a situation where they feel uncomfortable and not at ease.  So as you can hopefully make out from my images below, my character is uncomfortable when he comes across a wild dog, sheltering from torrential rain, and in the pitch black darkness of night.

The second homework was to create a one page storyboard with your character.  This storyboard is to be silent, so that the focus is on the fluidity of the panels and how they communicate to the reader.  Here are mine.  Enjoy:

In the lesson today, Fanki gave us a piece of text with which to create a 32 page thumbnails from as if we were to illustrate the picture book for it.  This we are continuing for this weeks homework, so I will show this on the next weeks blog entry.  She also talked about picture book layouts and designs and working with publishers.  I found these insights valuable.

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