Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 3/14

Firstly, I must just say that the cafe in the School Of Art at the ANU has the most chocolaty tastiest Mocha I have had to date in Canberra, mmm!  So every Monday morning I will now be having one of these before the lesson!

In the lesson we focused on collages and caricatures.  Here is my caricature page:

The homework was twofold.  The observational sketches this week were of people drinking and eating:

The other part of the homework was to create a human face from an animals’.  This I enjoyed, and created Kangaroo-Man, Koala-Man, Wedge Tailed Eagle-Man, daughter of Wedge Tailed Eagle-Man, and Fish Man (the Eagles and fish being my favourite!):

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