Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 2/14

In this class we looked at quick character developing and variety of them.  And if more time allowed, to develop your favourite ones further.  Here is the A3 sheet of my sketches for this:

And then homework.  This was in two parts.  Firstly, observational, of conversations, and here is a few of my favourites:
The first two I drew whilst watching Robocop and the third one is of a couple walking at Tidbinbilla.  It does seem easier to sketch from television, as people could get uneasy of you drawing them.
The second part of the homework was to invent a conversation:
The idea is to create a conversation, but to leave the actual words of the conversation out, and then for everyone at the next lesson to guess what is being said.  So hopefully this shows that your observational sketch work has paid off so that you can best illustrate to others an invented conversation.  So what do you suppose my characters are saying to each other?


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