Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 12/14

It was good to be back to the course after a couple of weeks off due to Public Holidays.  And I could not wait to show my homework – a double page spread portraying a banquet scene in your choice of inspiration from art history – mine was Aboriginal Rock Art.
So three weeks ago I chose my medium, pastels, as I knew this would achieve an organic grainy rock image.  And then whilst working at Tidbinbilla I drew as many rocks as I could to enable me to understand them artistically.  Whilst doing this I then researched the local historic culture of how Aboriginals congregated to the mountains, including the Tidbinbilla range, to feast on the Bogong Moths that migrated there around this time every year.
Of course my research also included inspiration from rock art throughout Australia, local indigenous artwork at Tidbinbilla, and also from picture book illustrations by Bronwyn Bancroft.
So my completed image above tells the story of a gatherer (on the left) who has collected the Bogong Moths in the coolamon dish and is now sharing them with the tribe.  I then chose an X-ray style illustration, which I have seen featured on some rock art, to show that each person has eaten a moth by putting a moth in each of their stomachs, and now they dance and celebrate in a corroboree.  
Here is the rock on it’s own, before the figures where drawn on:
In production:


  1. fnkykntr - Reply

    really fabulous – can see how the research paid off. It perfectly illustrates the story about the Bogong moths, really interesting.

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