Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 11/14

This week we looked at our observational work, which was carrying/lifting.  Mine were of a mother carrying two children, a delivery man with boxes, and one of our Volunteers at work bringing in breakfast for us, yum yum!

The other part of homework was to bring in some research of an artistic genre from art history.  Then in the lesson today Franki gave us a topic, which was ‘banquet’.  So, starting today, and to finish for homework, is to create a double page spread portraying the banquet part of the full story in the artistic genre that we had picked.

The genre I picked was Aboriginal Rock Art, so that is going to be an interesting and excitement homework for me to get stuck into.  We have the next two Mondays off, so there is a good few weeks to devote to this…

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