Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 10/14

First up was homework.  The observational sketches this week are of people waiting.  I had previously created some sketches of people waiting in the airport before we departed on our North Queensland trip, so I showed these, along with some I created yesterday of people waiting in line for coffee and cake:
The other homework was to create a double page spread for a picture book.  This was using ‘The Poor Old Dog’ story again, and just concentrating on one line from it.  Franki liked the comparison between the two pages of how I portrayed going from poor to hopes of riches by the dog turning a corner.  The only thing that let me down was my dog character, as he began to look more kangaroo-ish towards the final panel (must be influenced from drawing kangaroos everyday at Tidbinbilla!).

Then the lesson today was focused on collage.  Collage isn’t my forte, but the excercises were both able to free yourself up and get straight into creating something and shows you how different shapes and colours interact.  Our first collage was to pencil out a dog shape and then to fit collage shapes into it, and the second collage was to create a dog shape out of collage shapes, without an outline to start wth.  The third and final collage was a group effort.  So we all started a collage (dog again), and then we would pass it on to the next person for them to add a bit more and then pass it on again, so we would all end up adding a bit to each others, which proved a fun acticity.

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