Found: Ringo’s Tree

Photo of the bush with cute illustration of Ringo Ringtail Possum and Koala

I had an interesting experience last week in my lunchtime wandering and sketching in the bush behind where I work.  I got to a part of the walk and had the feeling that something was watching me but I couldn’t see any little animals or birds in the trees, so I continued on with my walk.

On the return leg when I reached the same cluster of trees I got the same feeling.  So I stopped and had a look around.  Still no little animals or birds.  Then I had a closer look…  And I saw that two of the trees resembled the same two trees I have been drawing all along for Ringo the Ringtail Possum and his neighbour Z the Koala.  So in my subconscious Ringo and Z were sitting in their trees watching me..!

So I have been drawing the trees everyday since as it creates great reference material for Ringo’s comic sequel I am currently working on.  And today I took the photo and added Ringo and Z in by Photoshop.




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