EVENT: Restoring Earth & Australian Mega Fauna Project

Kangaroo mega fauna stop motion model

Mega Fauna Project Screening at Milk Factory

I met another creative, Joseph, at the Australian Koala Foundation Christmas Dinner last week, and he informed me of a Mega Fauna stop motion project he was working on.  How utterly cool and amazing I thought!  He has since provided me with details that there is a screening of this project at the Milk Factory in Brisbane on Saturday 18th.  I am definitely going!

Details from the Facebook event page:

A screening of the lastest and greatest of the Australian Mega Fauna Project. The project has been criss crossing Australasia for four years chasing scientists, bones, and all things mega fauna. This event is combines projected visuals and a live violins soundtrack as we take a viceral look at natural history down under.

Additionally we will be screening Restoring Earth a new film by the Wilderness Society. Stick around for a group discussion afterwards about the film.

From paddock to plate, more and more consumers are looking to know where their food comes from, and will be surprised to know that Australia ranks third among developed nations for land clearing globally. Land clearing has soared under reforms in Queensland, and now the NSW Government’s reforms to the Biodiversity Conservation Act could pave the way for a return to broad scale land clearing. Contrary to the pioneering philosophy that clearing the native landscape equals productivity, land clearing is responsible for a deficit in water and poor soil quality.

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