Clean Up Australia – Mount Gravatt

Today was Clean Up Australia day at our local beautiful mountain, Mount Gravatt.  So we helped and volunteered to clean up rubbish there.  In the two hours we filled 2 sacks of recycling and 1 sack of general rubbish.  And then with the several people within the group there was a large amount of rubbish collected at the end – shockingly amazing!  I can’t believe how some people can feel it’s ok to throw rubbish away, especially in a fine piece of nature, it’s very dis-heartening.  On the other hand, it’s encouraging to know there are other people who also feel passionately about maintaining Australia’s beauty.  Thanks to Mount Gravatt Environment Group for organising this.
I thought it would be nice to illustrate the day using an Aussie themed sign post, showing a koala (as they are present at Mount Gravatt!!) thanking us for the work we did, and all the bags full of rubbish at the bottom of the tree!

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