I, the Old Duke of York, attended ‘Timeless Rhymes with Mark Carthew’ tonight..

Illustration of the Grnd Old Duke of York

In my quest for knowledge on creating Picture Books I attended a talk tonight by author Mark Carthew at Brisbane’s State Library, facilitated through May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust.

Amongst all of the illustrations, words and poems that Mark presented and sang to us, I spotted illustrations for ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ with soldiers wearing tall hats.  As York is my hometown I felt a little sentimental and wanted to illustrate myself wearing one of these tall hats and being the Grand Duke of York myself 🙂

Thanks to Mark, May Gibbs Trust and the State Library for once again fuelling my inspiring, motivation and knowledge.

Home sweet home

House hunting in a big new city isn’t easy.  We needed maps – maps of the train lines, maps of the bus routes, maps of the ferry routes, and maps of the roads.  I eventually tracked down a nice compact road map.  Being a small city boy of York and Canberra I was used to maps fitting on one A3 size piece of paper – but not Brisbane – you needed to collect about 8 A3 seperate maps in order to piece together the entire area!  Where do you start looking first for a house to move into?
We eventually did find a nice townhouse.  It was all spacious and sparse as we had yet to have any of our shipping or furniture deliveries.  So as I was sat in the corner with nothing but my sketchbook I envisaged a few little local helpers helping me to move in! 

From kangaroos to squirrels..

From my daily encounters with kangaroos and other Australian beasts in Canberra, I was going to miss being surrounded by wildlife when I was back in the UK.  But when I was out and about in York’s local parks, I did spot a few squirrels rummaging around, and there was something quite kangaroo-like about them sitting on their back legs and bouncing around!
This one was sheltering in the tree in a typical UK summers wet day.

Minster Man 2 – Bonfire Night

Zach Peterson is York’s Hero Minster Man. In this sequel (Bonfire Night) Zach must come to terms with why he is Minster Man and the responsibilities that come with it. On 5th November Vyking plots her revenge against Minster Man, but they will both soon face two new characters that also have their own destructive motives. Minster Man must resolve these conflicts before York Minster becomes the bonfire. Bonfire Night includes scenes from York including Millennium Bridge, York Minster and Mickelgate.