Save the Koala Day Conservation Sketch Illustration

Save the Koala Day conservation sketch illustration


Wahoo today is Save the Koala Day and therefore I was hoping to find a koala today but unfortunately to no avail.  To tell the truth I haven’t seen one in quite some time.  It just really highlights the endangered status of these beautiful marsupials that even my sightings are becoming rare from when I was seeing them every couple of weeks at Whites Hill Reserve.  So we must ensure we protect and save our koalas!

Therefore my cartoon illustration highlights this as it is a perfect branch for a koala to sit on but there is no koala…

Black Metal Conservation Koalas – Welcome to Hell Reserve

Black Metal Conservation Koalas - Hell Reserve

Black Metal Conservation Koalas – Welcome to Hell Reserve

Here is something a little bit different!  It’s something I created a little while ago, and the characters keep appearing from time to time in my sketchbook.  As I am going to see a band tonight it has put me in the mood to finally share this with you.  For those who know me I like listening to an extreme version of heavy metal called black metal which for the most part has great gothic clothing and war paint but song content is an acquired taste haha.

Since I have been witnessing the destruction of a small section of land clearing at Whites Hill Reserve has been having, I have noticed a decline in my koala sightings which is really sad.  So I thought about this habitat destruction and wondered if the koalas could be brought back from the dead – and if so what songs would they sing to spread the word of their decline?  So I designed three koalas in black metal attire with their first album called ‘Welcome to Hell Reserve’ to sing about their frustrations of losing their habitat, and that they are back to protect it.

SKETCH: Cicada shell, Whites Hill Reserve, Brisbane

cicada shell cartoon sketches whites hill reserve brisbane

“I Can Hug Trees Too”

Just thought I’d post this as it is something a little bit different from my usual cute and fluffy wildlife animals!¬† I came across some cicada shells on a tree on a¬†recent lunch time walk in Whites Hill Reserve in Brisbane and so I attempted to sketch them..¬†¬†Then I realised that, yes they may not be cute and fluffy, but they do belong to the wonderful natural landscape and the¬†order of animals called ‘Tree Huggers’ which classification covers a wide range of animals which includes¬†koalas, possums, snakes, and nature loving humans.

SKETCH: Fungi, Whites Hill Reserve, Brisbane

fungi sketches whites hill reserve brisbane

Fungi Sketch

With all the rain in March there has been some beautiful fungi shooting up throughout Whites Hill Reserve.¬† Here’s a super quick lunchtime sketch of some fungi sprouting out of a log.¬† I was really getting into some shapes and shading¬† – I could have kept drawing it all day!

Have you seen some interesting fungi recently?

A little poem sketch for INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FORESTS

Sketch International Day of Forests and Trees

Poem for International Day of Forests

So sometimes I may even write a little poem in my sketchbook as there are some things that I can only express in words and not pictures, like leaves slightly swaying in the breeze.¬† I never thought I’d post one of my poems, but I thought this one fit in well wit today being International Day of Forests.¬† Even accompanied by a sketchographic (can I copyright that word?) of Australia with some trees growing out of it!

Quiet. Still.
Canopy leaves slightly swaying in a breeze,
Insects on surround sound,
A rasping bird call,
A world to admire at every sight,
My little piece of Australia.