Updated Website :-)

I’d just like to let you know that I have updated my website.  Based on my analytics I needed to streamline it and make it easier to navigate.  The main differences are the homepage being simpler and featuring information about me along with links to the other pages, and the contact and subscription forms are […]

Test Post: Jetpack

Just testing Jetpack on my website Eh? What is JetPack you say?!  Well, having 5 social network profiles to readily post on has been very time consuming for me recently and I have recently discovered JetPack to help me.  Jetpack is a plugin for WordPress (the platform I use to build my websites on) which has quite a few features, […]

New Mailing List

I have recently created a mailing list, so if you would like to receive the occasional email with some cute Australian wildlife illustrations then please sign up – just scroll to the bottom of my website and fill in your details!

Website Updated

This week I have been on updating my website.  It really seems like minor changes but takes a lot of effort finding the right plugins in WordPress and editing images to suit, but I do enjoy the challenge and creativity it provides. So please have a look around and let me know what you think..!

New address for my blog

 have now moved my blog over to my domain, so you can now find it at http://www.eddcrosscomics.co.uk/edd_cross_comics_blog I found it very difficult and bothersome to modify it once I had transferred it, that it took my whole day off to do!  Does anybody else find it difficult to modify once they have transferred their blogger […]

Attempting to construct a new website…

I have been in Oz for a few months now and so it is about time I updated my website http://www.eddcrosscomics.co.uk/ to reflect where I am now.  I am just at the initial stages of it, so bear with me!  Meanwhile, keep continuing to check my blog http://eddcross.blogspot.com/ here for all updates.