Wallace and Gromit Exhibition, Melbourne

It was VERY inpsiring and amazing to visit the Wallace and Gromit and Friends exhibit at the ACMI in Melbourne this week.

I have always been a big fan of Aardman Animations and it was fantastic being able to see the models, sets, sketches, behind the scenes footage and even get a chance of doing some animation.

This is well worth the visit, I literally spent 6 hours taking it in all.

David Hockney Exhibition – National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne

David Hockney exhibition Melbourne national gallery victoria David Hockney exhibition Melbourne national gallery victoria David Hockney exhibition Melbourne national gallery victoria

David Hockney Exhibition

Back in January Hazel and I went to see the David Hockney exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.  It was a cracking exhibition showcasing Hockney’s new found inspiration of digitally drawing and sketching directly on to iPads and iPhones.  This ranged from seeing the digital sketches and finished artworks displayed on both digital screens and printed, and sometimes he even recorded his art so this was being played back to us in the gallery – which s almost like seeing art in motion from the blank page to finished article!

Another piece of artwork of Hockney’s on display was the massive 50 panel ‘Bigger Trees Near Water’ which has to be seen to be believed!

A wonderfully inspiring exhibition I would recommend to attend!

Three Tables at Comic St that Inspired Me

Dan Watts at Comic St Brisbane Camila Duran at Comic St Brisbane Brendan Foley at Comic St Brisbane

Three Tables at Comic St that Inspired Me

There were three tables at Comic St that gave me a little bit of inspiration – Dan Watts, Camila Duran, and Brendan Foley

First up is Dan Watts, who was my table buddy for the day.  I liked the way that Dan put his characters front and centre of his display to draw you into his comic.

And across the aisle from me was Camila Duran and Brendan Foley.   Camila had some awesome greenery decorating her table which immediately grabbed my attention in a sea of paper and ink.  A couple of weeks ago I had considered also bringing a branch or some leaves to do something similar so I must say it was nice to see her table design.  Brendan’s comic was immediately eye catching – I think it was the colour scheme and top corner being cut off that really made it striking from across the aisle!

Comic St Table Buddy – Dan Watts!

Dan Watts at Comic St Brisbane

Comic St Table Buddy – Dan Watts

On Saturday at Comic St in Brisbane I shared a table with comic illustrator Dan Watts.  Dan was an awesome table buddy displaying not only a fine selection of his comics and prints but helped to make the time pass by quick as we had a good chat finding out that Dan is not only talented in art but is also a drummer for a folk band as well.

He had a wonderful niche children’s comic called ‘Freya the First Aider’ which was written by a paramedic for him to illustrate and each page details different scenes that you may encounter.  These comics were very popular.

I loved Dan’s art prints of underwater scenes of turtles and sharks which made me think about scuba diving again.  And these were all in addition to his main comic that he was selling “Bipp and Trax Intergalactic Real Estate” which is printed in the old school landscape comic strip format!

It was great to meet Dan and learn a few things from his wealth of experience and look forward to catching up with him again at the next event!

Awesome Calendar featuring cute illustrations of cute Australian wildlife (including possums and koalas)

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator calendar featuring cute australian wildlife koala possum Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator calendar featuring cute australian wildlife koala possum

Cute, original and funky Australian Wildlife illustrated Calendar

Looking for a 2017 calendar featuring cute, original and funky illustrations of Australian wildlife, including koalas and possums?  Then look no further, my calendar may just be what you are after!

Available in my RedBubble shop this calendar can be tailored to start from any month in case you are too late to order for January 2017!

The calendar features 12 of my favourite designs through the year which include my characters Ringo the Ringtail Possum and Z the Sleepy Koala as well as a range of their other Aussie wildlife friends.

I hope that you enjoy it and brings you pleasure throughout the next year…