Reef Blitz Moreton Bay

eel and turtle sketches by Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross

Reef Blitz Moreton Bay

On Sunday Hazel and I joined a Reef Blitz boat trip to Moreton Bay to St Helen Island to help with some citizen science.  It was a joint arrangement by Reef Check, Coral Watch and Mangrove Watch, with each organisation providing lots of great information about how we can all help collect data for their research – please click on the links in this paragraph to learn more.

It was a great day out and being an avid scuba diver and lover of sea life I’ll definitely be looking at ways to help.

Oh yes, that was a quick sketch from a photo of an eel and turtle within the Coral Watch brochure 🙂

Cute Australian Wildlife Illustration for World Habitat Day

World Habitat Day Edd Cross illustration cute australian wildlife koala possum kookaburra turtle

Cute Australian Wildlife Illustration for World Habitat Day

Today is World Habitat Day and to celebrate here is a cute illustration featuring Z the sleepy Koala, Ringo the Ringtail Possum, Katy Kookaburra and Trent the Long Necked Turtle – hang on what is Trent doing up a tree – that isn’t his habitat is it?!

World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day montage sketch tmnt mon repos cute illustration


I found out at lunch time it was World Turtle Day today!  And we were going out for most of the day so this is a quick photo montage.

I found my picture of me at Mon Repos with the hatchling turtle – one of the most amazing experiences of my life; a quick photo before going out this evening to an 80s party so I wore my TMNT t-shirt; and funnily enough I had actually drawn two TMNT lunchtime sketches this week so added those in as well!

Then put it all into Photoshop, create a cool turtly background and add in my cute Trent the Long Necked Turtle!

Ringo and friends visiting David Lynch exhibition at GOMA

Back in April I visited the David Lynch exhibition at the GOMA.  What most caught my imagination was this installation that you could walk around which was created from a drawing by David Lynch.  So in came my illustrations of Ringo and friends into the installation of an illustration…


Koala enjoying David LYnch art nstallation at GOMA


Ringo and friends enjoying David Lynch are installation at GOMA

Ringo’s Earth Hour Comic Strip

Ringo possum cute Earth Hour comic strip

On late Tuesday night this came to me.  So in the spirit of Earth Hour, I spent just 60 mins to create it (which included the initial brainstorm and finding some scrap paper!).  And now shared with you for Earth Hour day itself – for more information please follow this link