Tree Planting Towards a Greener Brisbane Future

On Saturday morning I went to the suburb of Richardson with Mike Fox from Mount Gravatt Environment Group to do some tree planting, as organised by River City.  River City has an initiative with the Brisbane City Council who fund them to plant trees throughout the Brisbane areas.  It was a lovely bright sunny morning and was nice to see the local community engaged and volunteering – helping to make their own streets greener in the future by planting the little tree saplings.

Home sweet home

House hunting in a big new city isn’t easy.  We needed maps – maps of the train lines, maps of the bus routes, maps of the ferry routes, and maps of the roads.  I eventually tracked down a nice compact road map.  Being a small city boy of York and Canberra I was used to maps fitting on one A3 size piece of paper – but not Brisbane – you needed to collect about 8 A3 seperate maps in order to piece together the entire area!  Where do you start looking first for a house to move into?
We eventually did find a nice townhouse.  It was all spacious and sparse as we had yet to have any of our shipping or furniture deliveries.  So as I was sat in the corner with nothing but my sketchbook I envisaged a few little local helpers helping me to move in!