Tree Sketch at Whites Hill Reserve, Brisbane

Tree sketches whites hill reserve brisbane

Sketching Trees at Whites Hill Reserve

Just going back through my sketchbook from December I found a couple of sketches I haven’t posted yet fro my lunchtime walks at Whites Hill Reserve in Brisbane.

This is the first one of a little rectangular panel of the tree lined landscape.  This was a nice 5 minute challenge trying to put enough lines down to get a sense of depth.  There are so many shapes and textures in nature wouldn’t it be great to spend a whole day sketching them?

Brisbane Drawing Group Sketch 3 – Tree Trunk

Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Edd Cross Illustrator

Tree Trunk Sketch

Firstly oops, I seemed to have made the trunk wider than it actually was haha!  But this was really just an opportunity to practice with my grey scale pens to add a bit more shading in instead of just black lines that I normally do.

Do you like the greyscale effect?   Should I do more of it?

Tree Sketch Construction Lines

Edd Cross brisbane illustrator sketch of a tree Edd Cross brisbane illustrator photo of a tree

Tree Sketch Construction Lines

I love how trees come with their own assortment of lines in their bark which makes it easier to sketch them as you can just keep drawing the patterns of the lines on your page until a tree shape emerges.

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Cute Australian Wildlife Illustrations Online Shop

very cute koala illustration on a tree with hearts merchandise, gifts, souvenirs, tshirt, by Edd Cross

New Funky and Cute Illustrated Koala Clothing and Gifts

So I have just recently discovered RedBubble, an awesome online print on demand service that tailor themselves towards artists.  After an easy set up I have opened a shop and have a selection of my cute Australian Wildlife illustrations available on a selection of clothing, apparel and gifts.  And as you can see form the image above it really does make the most out of your image – I’m loving my cute koala on a tree with hearts illustration displayed right across the t-shirt – what do you think?

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Sketch and Video: Sun + Bird Singing = Happiness

To me, one of the best things about nature walks is just being in the moment.  I had a moment where I realised that the sun shining and bird singing gave me inner happiness and relaxation.  So I quickly sketched the formula down and had to take a quick movie to capture the moment to share with you.

What do nature walks do for you?

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Australian Bush is a Priceless Souvenir

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrtor drawing of a priceless souvenir

As I go on my lunchtime walk, I realise how lucky and wonderful it is just to be in nature – the sights, the sounds, the feelings, and just being at one with the planet.

Then I was thinking how do you capture the essence of all of that within a souvenir?

Then I sketched it!  You would have the wonderful bush within a little glass ornament, but the twist is that all of the qualities that the bush represent are actually priceless – so it would be a souvenir that can not be bought.

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National Tree Day 2016 – Mount Gravatt, Brisbane

NAtional Tree Day 2016 Mount Gravatt Brisbane NAtional Tree Day 2016 Mount Gravatt Brisbane

Today I took part in National Tree Day 2016 at Mount Gravatt in Brisbane.

Was a lovely day full of awesome people coming to lend nature a hand.  It was great to catch up with old friends and to make new ones too.

I got to plant some native grasses and trees, as well as removing some weeds to help koala and small bird habitats.

It was really nice stepping foot back on to the mountain again.  We used to walk up there quite regularly and the attend bush care events until moving to Wynnum a year ago.

New Merchandise – Cute Sleepy Koala in Tree with Hearts

Cute merchandise sleepy koala in tree with hearts

Cute merchandise sleepy koala in tree with hearts

Last week I created this extremely cute sleepy koala illustration on a tree with hearts as leaves in anticipation of National Tree Day.

I liked it so much that I thought Id add it to my online shop over at Cafepress and put it on to T-Shirts and other merchandise.  I hope you like it too?

To see the Sleepy Koala at my online shop please click the following link:

If you are looking for National Tree Day events in South Brisbane head over to Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee’s website which has all the details.

Ill be heading over to Mount Gravatt to catch up with old friends and to help the local koala population there.