The Great Oz Eddventure Continues…

Wow, it’s been almost 3 months since my last blog post!  So, we have left Canberra, been back home to the UK for a month and caught up with all our lovely family and friends, and then we have come back to Oz, and this time to tropical Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane.
We have found a gorgeous townhouse to live in and today we have finally been connected up to the internet, hooray.  I have drawn a fair few illustrations since leaving Canberra so I hope you are ready for my  barrage of daily blog posts to keep you all updated!   

Tid By Torchlight

Last Thursday was the first Tid by Torchlight tour run by Conservation Volunteer’s Naturewise Conservation Holidays at Tidbinbilla.  As it was the first trial run of this tour we got to go along to experience it.  It offers a great evening which even includes a bbq at the Visitor Information Centre.  The walk itself was pleasant as Tidbinbilla always is.  Unfortunately our night didn’t prove fruitful of nocturnal animals but the clear Tidbinbilla sky did provide a perfect view of the Milky Way through the canopy of trees, thus providing my inspiration to create this picture. 

The Great Oz Eddventure #103 – National Pass Bushwalk at the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains’s National Pass bushwalk is a beautiful one, well any walk in the Blue Mountains is really beautiful, as that is why we have been back a few times now!  Whilst walking the National Pass this scene caught my attention, so out came the sketchbook and a few seconds later it was sketched!  I just liked the way the trees didn’t require much depth for their roots and there were a fair few of them on the edge of this overhang.  Awe-inspirng!

The Great Oz Eddventure #102 – Age of Fishes

The Age of Fishes is a museum in Canowindra which holds fish fossils from 360 million years ago!!!  At that time a river flooded and then dried up leaving the fish stranded.  It reflooded again covering the bodies in silt causing the fossilisation until their recent discovery!  This shows how there weren’t any other land living predators to eat them.  Amongst the fish fossils found, it has been discovered that some of the fish of this time period were starting to show signs of developing neck, arms and hand structures – which are body parts familiar to us all!  Yes, this is an important part of our evolutionary past!

Also in the museum were some excellent interpretative posters explaining the theories of creation and how the world has evolved over time.  It blew me away to think how the world has changed so much in time in both physical and chemical natures to make our life possible at this present moment.  So I drew a little diagram showing how evolution and nature have worked hand in hand to allow us to live in the now!

This museum is a definite must.  The slabs of fossils are just there to touch and admire.  It is such a shame that the digs and research are no longer funded and rely heavily on donations, especially when you realise the importance that this knowledge could bring us one step closer to that ultimate question in life I wished I could donate a hell of a lot more to this cause!

The Great Oz Eddventure #101 – Canowindra and the Australian Englsh

After Orange, we headed over to another small village called Canowindra.  But don’t make the ‘pom’ mistake of saying the name of the village as it is spelt, as that would be far too easy.  It is pronounced ‘Canowndra’!  And why did we visit this village… find out in tomorrow’s post!!

The Great Oz Eddventure #100 – Cartoon Tasting Platter

Living in Australia you have to visit a few vineyards to do some wine tasting.  Whilst we were in Orange I spotted a ‘wine tasting platter’ sheet of paper that I have seen used in other vineyards which gave me the idea to do a ‘cartoon tasting platter’.  As you can probably make out, the wine tasting platter offers a selection of four different wines, and you put the glass for each wine on a circle (instead of the squares) and the description below it details the wine and which foods to match it up with on your platter.  So my cartoon tasting platter shows my different characters and their details to see which ones you prefer!

And then here are The Dark Artists sharing in the wine tasting experience with us!!