Dance Like No Ones Watching

Cute possum sketch dance like no ones watching

Here’s a cute little sketch of Ringo the Ringtail Possum dancing on a rooftop.  When he is on the rooftop no one can see him dance so he’s having the boogie of his life.  The only thing is some people don’t appreciate the heavy footing of dancing possums on the roof above them.  Ringo is so cute he can get away with anything ūüôā

Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup – May at Northshore Harbour

Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group - Northshore Harbour May Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group - Northshore Harbour May Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group - Northshore Harbour May Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group - Northshore Harbour May

Brisbane Painting & Drawing Meetup – May @ Northshore Harbour

In May, the Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup group met at Northshore Harbour – it was a lovely day with lovely views across the Brisbane River.  We all stayed in the same spot so was great to view everyone’s art as they progressed through the morning.  It is so inspirational seeing the variety and quality of what others were creating.  It took me a little while to get going but I then opted for a comic style approach documenting things as they happened, from me arriving by City Cat, having our coffees and seeing dogs walking by.

The next meetup is on Sunday at GOMA – for more information please see the meetup group page:

Brisbane Painting & Drawing April Meetup – Southbank

Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group - Southbank April

Brisbane Painting & Drawing Meetup Group

In April, I organised the Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group and chose to hold it at Southbank.  There’s such great views of the city from Southbank and so can really get stuck into drawing a landscape full of skyscrapers or people meandering by.

Afterwards we all had lunch together and is greatly inspiring learning about other peoples techniques and to see their artworks from the day.  As my sketchbooks are normally full of animal sketches it was quite nice to get stuck into the Brisbane skyline.

The next meetup is on Sunday at Goma and to sign up or for more information please visit the Meetup page: 

SKETCH: Cicada shell, Whites Hill Reserve, Brisbane

cicada shell cartoon sketches whites hill reserve brisbane

“I Can Hug Trees Too”

Just thought I’d post this as it is something a little bit different from my usual cute and fluffy wildlife animals!¬† I came across some cicada shells on a tree on a¬†recent lunch time walk in Whites Hill Reserve in Brisbane and so I attempted to sketch them..¬†¬†Then I realised that, yes they may not be cute and fluffy, but they do belong to the wonderful natural landscape and the¬†order of animals called ‘Tree Huggers’ which classification covers a wide range of animals which includes¬†koalas, possums, snakes, and nature loving humans.

SKETCH: Fungi, Whites Hill Reserve, Brisbane

fungi sketches whites hill reserve brisbane

Fungi Sketch

With all the rain in March there has been some beautiful fungi shooting up throughout Whites Hill Reserve.¬† Here’s a super quick lunchtime sketch of some fungi sprouting out of a log.¬† I was really getting into some shapes and shading¬† – I could have kept drawing it all day!

Have you seen some interesting fungi recently?

Initial Koala Sketch Design for EARTH HOUR

Cute Koala Hugging Earth illustration Sketch Preview

Earth Hour – Koala Sketch Design

Earth Hour is approaching on Saturday 25th where for one hour of the day everyone needs to switch everything off to show your support for changing climate change.  So to illustrate the occasion I have chosen the very cute Z the Sleeping Koala, who is normally hugging trees, this time hugging the Earth at night in darkness, showing love for the Earth for the hour that we switch off.  And not only are there stars in the night sky but also hearts!

This is going to be soooo cute so please stay tuned!!

A little poem sketch for INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FORESTS

Sketch International Day of Forests and Trees

Poem for International Day of Forests

So sometimes I may even write a little poem in my sketchbook as there are some things that I can only express in words and not pictures, like leaves slightly swaying in the breeze.¬† I never thought I’d post one of my poems, but I thought this one fit in well wit today being International Day of Forests.¬† Even accompanied by a sketchographic (can I copyright that word?) of Australia with some trees growing out of it!

Quiet. Still.
Canopy leaves slightly swaying in a breeze,
Insects on surround sound,
A rasping bird call,
A world to admire at every sight,
My little piece of Australia.