The Great Oz Eddventue #43 – NASA Deep Space Tracking Station

A few months ago Hazel and I visited the NASA Deep Space Tracking Station at Tidbinbilla.  I drive past this everyday to and from work and it always amazes me how huge the dishes are (biggest in the Southern hemisphere).  I also like the way it compares the advancement of technology with the beauty of nature as you view it on the landscape, which I wanted to show in my illustration.
This Tracking Station had the privilege of being able to record the very first Moon Landing, so inside the Tracking Station’s museum like visitor centre you will find information, photos and memorabilia from this, not to mention a piece of Moon rock that is on display!

The Great Oz Eddventure #40 – Bats in the tree

Last week, approaching midnight one evening, we heard some strange high pitch cackling noises outside.  We had heard these noises for the past couple of nights so we were intrigued to find out what was making the noises; we ventured outside and saw some shapes moving around and within a tree.  But we weren’t the only ones intrigued – a couple of our neighbours also emerged outside to have a look too!
With torches and binoculars we soon realised that the shapes were bats, and large ones at that!  We couldn’t get that clearer a look at them, but assumed they must be Fruit Bats/Flying Foxes.  It felt great to have these creatures in our back yard!!
But come the next night they had vanished and we have not seen them since…

The Great Oz Eddventure #37 – Wedge Tailed Eagles second appearance

Driving to work on Monday morning I was lucky again to see a Wedge Tailed Eagle at the side of the road munching on something dead.  I stopped as quick as I could.  I fumbled around in my bag trying to find my camera, and in my excitement my lunch just spilled out instead!  Once I got my camera and out of the car, the Wedgy had started to fly away!  It flew into the distance to join another one on a branch, and inspired me to do this half silhouette picture.
I must remember to have my camera ready and within grabbing distance, as I especially want a picture of these Wedgies!