Three People I Talked to at ZICS 2016

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator and Cartoonist table at ZICS 2016

And heres my final blog post from ZICS 2016, this time focuses on people I networked with:

1.  Tom Caffrey
I met Tom at ZICS in 2013 where he drew me a Robocop which I thanked him for again as it was awesome.  Tom was one of the first people I saw when I walked into ZICS this year and one of the first things he said was he follows me on Facebook and likes my Koala Drawing T-Shirt.  That was such a big boost to start the day, to have compliments from a highly talented comic book artist 🙂  His ‘Armoured Science Kung-Fu Cats’ need to be checked out!

2. Brad from Groovy Gravy
Brad had the perfect sales pitch “Can I interest you in some fine locally produced comic books” to every one who walked by and soon got their interest in Groovy Gravy as it is a collective of local artists.  Brad sat next to me ad had a good chuckle through the day – he even lent me a spare table cloth (mental note that I need on for next time!) that he brought along – thanks Brad.  I did a comic swap with Brad so can’t wait to read my copy of Groovy Gravy!

3. AshCan Comics
Ashcan were on the other side to me, also selling their comic compilations of local artists.  Great to chat to and learn from their wealth of experience as they are highly regarded within Brisbane.  Privilege to sit next to.


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A fun weekend at ZICS

Sleepy Koala Zine illustration


Last weekend was ZICS, Brisbane’s first ‘Zine and Indy Comic Symposium’, and it was a great event to see so many other creative people all in one room selling and showing their arty zines and comics.  It really does fill you with inspiration.


Ringo the Ringtail Possum mini comic at ZICS

Here’s my latest mini comic from my table at ZICS featuring Ringo and Roobot which got loads of nice comments and feedback 🙂

Selection of zines from ZICS

And here’s a selection of mini comics that I purchased, and I even requested an illustration of Robocop!

ZICS will be annual event, so I am already looking forward to next years…

Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 2/14

In this class we looked at quick character developing and variety of them.  And if more time allowed, to develop your favourite ones further.  Here is the A3 sheet of my sketches for this:

And then homework.  This was in two parts.  Firstly, observational, of conversations, and here is a few of my favourites:
The first two I drew whilst watching Robocop and the third one is of a couple walking at Tidbinbilla.  It does seem easier to sketch from television, as people could get uneasy of you drawing them.
The second part of the homework was to invent a conversation:
The idea is to create a conversation, but to leave the actual words of the conversation out, and then for everyone at the next lesson to guess what is being said.  So hopefully this shows that your observational sketch work has paid off so that you can best illustrate to others an invented conversation.  So what do you suppose my characters are saying to each other?