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When we visited Hazel’s brother and sister-in-law in Cambridge they introduced me to punting, which as you can see from my illustration involves moving a long narrow wooden boat by standing at the stern steering with a stick, whilst trying your best not to fall in or loose the stick!I had a strange Noah’s Ark…

Picture Books at Blackheath

Banksia in the snow On Saturday I attended the Picture Books at BlackHeath workshop run by Margaret Hamilton and Dee Huxley.  Margaret, who is an illustrator and retired from owning her own publishing company, MargaretHamiltonBooks, and Dee who is also an illustrator both provided a huge wealth of experience to learn and inspire from. Margaret talked about the author…

Birthday Possum

On my birthday we had an amazing meal at the Gunyah restaurant which is surrounded within trees and more trees.  And what lives in trees?  POSSUMS!As we were leaving the restaurant one little possum came out to wish me a Happy Birthday and struck a few poses for me to take some photos of him!