Rainbow Lorikeet Feather in the Sketchbook

Edd Cross Illustrator rainbow lorikeet parrot feather in sketchbook Edd Cross Illustrator rainbow lorikeet parrot feather in sketchbook

Rainbow Lorikeet Feather in the Sketchbook

Further to yesterdays post about finding a gum leaf in my sketchbook, here is the second gem that I found Рa beautiful little feather from a rainbow lorikeet!  What gorgeous colours eh?!

To add to the cuteness of the feather, I even found it on a page of cute koala sketches ūüôā

Can I see your Kookaburra sketch?

Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross quick sketch of a kookaburra

Can I see your Kookaburra sketch?  That was the question I was asked on my lunchtime walk today.  I showed him so I thought why not show everyone!

I just saw this little chap on a branch and¬†20 seconds into finding my lines a uht hurtles through the reserve and scares the little bird away.¬† That’s ok my lunchtime was nearly up anyway.

On my walk back, I bumped into the two workman from their uht and one asked what if I was sketching.  Er, yes!  Then asked what and I replied with kookaburra.  He asked if I was any good, and if he could see my sketch.
I find my sketchbooks quite intimate as its my practice at illustrating¬†and moments to myself, so sometimes my¬†sketches are just a horrible mess, and sometimes I’m proud of discovering something that I hadn’t created a few minutes ago.¬† I hate when people ask me¬†if I am any good – for one, good is in the eye of the beholder, and¬†one¬†sketchbook¬†page¬†may not look as good as another page, but also¬†to me ‘good’ is what I aim for everyday so that is why I replied saying I practice everyday.¬† To be good is what drives me on.

He said his daughter was into art and he knows all about it.¬† Putting in the lines first and then all the detail.¬†¬† So I thought if my little furry friend wasn’t scared away then¬†that little more detail may have been developed.¬† But that’s alright because my sketchbook is moments in time and I enjoyed my 20 seconds with the kookaburra.

Brisbane Drawing & Painting September 2015 Meetup – Walkabout Creek


Photo of Edd Cross cute illustration of wallaby at Walkabout Creek, Brisbane Forest Park
Cute wallaby illustration at Walkabout Creek
Photo of Edd Cross illustration of Walkabout Creek Visitor Centre, Brisbane Forest Park
Illustration of Walkabout Creek visitor centre


Today was Septembers meetup for the Brisbane Painting and Drawing Group, and the venue was the awesome Walkabout Creek at Brisbane Forest Park.

This group is excellent to meet people with such variety of talent to learn and inspire from.

I photographed two of my illustrations from today; one of a cute wallaby which was admired for its picture book cuteness, and the back of the visitor centre working in some textures.

Quick Colour Pencil Sketches From Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Colour Pencil Sketch of Brisbane skyline from Brisbane Botanic Gardens
Colour pencil sketch of Brisbane City Skyline through the Botanic Gardens at Mt Cootha
Colour Pencil Sketch of bird and lake at Brisbane Botanic Gardens
Colour pencil sketch of a lake with bird on a tree at the Botanic Gardens at Mt Cootha, Brisbane

Today we visited the Botanic Gardens at Mt Cootha, Brisbane.  So as we walk along I take quick sketches of the scenes to try and capture the essence of what I am seeing, usually in only a couple of minutes so not to hold up the walk.  when I got home I added some pencil colour and I thought I would also keep to the two minute timeframe with adding the colour as well.





Leaf/Stick Insect Pencil Drawing



leaf stick insect pencil drawing illustration



From Thursday:

When I got to work this morning I noticed a leaf insect on the veranda not looking very lively so I moved him out of harms way on to a nearby bush in case he would be trodden on.

On the bush he still didn’t move and I thought it wasn’t looking good for him but I hoped he could at least find some rest amongst camouflage.

Then I went back at lunch time and he had moved slightly into a nice pose for me to draw him! I must admit my colleagues thought I was a bit odd staring right into a bush with my sketchbook!

Later on I went to see if he was still there but I couldn’t find him. So here’s hoping he’s alright now!

So when I got home I traced one of my sketchbook drawings and added some pencil colour!