NCFC Supporters Brisbane Logo

The NCFC supporters group in Brisbane are a passionate, loyal and fun group that it is really great to be a part of, especially when you are so far away from the UK.  Even better, was that I was asked to create a logo for our contingency to really distinguish our allegiance for our meet ups at televised games.  So it was obvious to utilise Queensland’s famous marsupial the koala donning the yellow jerseys and supporter’s paraphernalia!

I can’t wait for next weekend for the televised game when we will all be wearing T-Shirts with this logo on!  We will be the ultimate supporters group! 🙂

In celebration of Grant Holt signing a new contract for Norwich City…

Holt Lightyear Hoody

New product The Incredible Holt hip flask!
First thing I have created new merchandise for ‘Holt Lightyear’!!
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And secondly, I have discounted both Holt Lightyear and The Incredible Holt merchandise by a good few dollars/pounds and will only last until Friday midnight when I will put the prices back up.  For Incredible Holt merchandise please click here

I’m looking forward to creating some more Holt illustrations for Holtamania so check back often.

Wedding Owls Illustration

Wedding Owls

A close friend back in the UK recently got married and as I could not be there I created him a little illustration fusing the occassion of the wedding and his love for owls!

I have also added the illustration to merchandise within my shop on to items that may be wedding focused:

Wedding Owls Note/Invitation Cards

Wedding Owls Journal

Wedding Owls Necklace

Wedding Owls Keepsake Box

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If you have a special occassion coming up and would like an illustration for it please contact me

Merchandise to show you care for your fish..

Continuing my cute fish theme I want to represent caring for your pet fish.  It looks like these two fish are happy that the hand is providing them with a little natural habitat for them…
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I Love Heart My Fish Merchandise

Because I love all my pet fish (past and present).  They are such brilliant little characters that bring me a lot of joy.  I’m sure other fishkeeping enthusiasts love theirs too, and this is the perfect way to outwardly show that!  To see the full range of ‘I Love My Fish’ merchandise in my store click on this link

Koala Mothers Day Card

For Mothers Day in Australia (Sunday 8 May) I wanted to create an image to go on a Mothers Day card for where I work at Tidbinbilla.  The picture would be for the children to colour in and then give to their mums!  This is the picture I created – a Koala with her Joey!