Cute Australian Wildlife Illustration for World Habitat Day

World Habitat Day Edd Cross illustration cute australian wildlife koala possum kookaburra turtle

Cute Australian Wildlife Illustration for World Habitat Day

Today is World Habitat Day and to celebrate here is a cute illustration featuring Z the sleepy Koala, Ringo the Ringtail Possum, Katy Kookaburra and Trent the Long Necked Turtle – hang on what is Trent doing up a tree – that isn’t his habitat is it?!

Koala and kookaburra sketches

Edd Cross Illustrator sketches of koala and kookaburra Edd Cross Illustrator photo of koala at whites hill reserve

Koala and kookaburra sketches

Last week on my lunchtime walk at Whites Hill Reserve I was happily getting stuck into some kookaburra sketches and then I noticed a fluffy grey body high up in the tree – this always happens at the end of my lunchtime so it seems its always the last sketch – but I think the kookaburras had warmed me up and so I was able to get a quick cute sketch of the koala.

What do you reckon?

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Sketching a Kookaburra on my Lunchtime

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator sketches of a kookaburra in nature

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator photo of a kookaburra in nature

I love my lunchtime nature walks at Whites Hill Reserve in Brisbane.  There is always something to see and sketch.

Here is a lovely kookaburra that allowed me a little time to sketch down some of his little poses as he moved around on the branch.

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Can I see your Kookaburra sketch?

Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross quick sketch of a kookaburra

Can I see your Kookaburra sketch?  That was the question I was asked on my lunchtime walk today.  I showed him so I thought why not show everyone!

I just saw this little chap on a branch and 20 seconds into finding my lines a uht hurtles through the reserve and scares the little bird away.  That’s ok my lunchtime was nearly up anyway.

On my walk back, I bumped into the two workman from their uht and one asked what if I was sketching.  Er, yes!  Then asked what and I replied with kookaburra.  He asked if I was any good, and if he could see my sketch.
I find my sketchbooks quite intimate as its my practice at illustrating and moments to myself, so sometimes my sketches are just a horrible mess, and sometimes I’m proud of discovering something that I hadn’t created a few minutes ago.  I hate when people ask me if I am any good – for one, good is in the eye of the beholder, and one sketchbook page may not look as good as another page, but also to me ‘good’ is what I aim for everyday so that is why I replied saying I practice everyday.  To be good is what drives me on.

He said his daughter was into art and he knows all about it.  Putting in the lines first and then all the detail.   So I thought if my little furry friend wasn’t scared away then that little more detail may have been developed.  But that’s alright because my sketchbook is moments in time and I enjoyed my 20 seconds with the kookaburra.

Kookaburra and Kangaroo Mugs

Laughing Kookaburras mug cute illustration by Edd Cross Boing Boing Kangaroo mug cute illustration by Edd Cross

We went back to UK for Christmas and look what I came across – Laughing Kookaburras and Boing Boing Kangaroo mugs that I previously sent family for Christmas presents a few years ago!  These certainly make hot drinks fun!!

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Kookaburra sketches

Kookaburra sketch by Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross Kookaburra sketch by Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross Kookaburra sketch by Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross

I have just finished another sketchbook!  A little A6 one that I carry around with me.  I love going back through my sketches and seeing what I did whether I like it or not and learn and move on.

So I am going to post some images from this sketchbook, but I will do it in stages, and I will start with the kookaburra that I see on my lunchtimes!