Matisse and Picture Books exhibitions

On Wednesday I went to a couple of exhibitions in Brisbane; ‘Look! the art of Australian picture books today’ at the State Library, and ‘Matisse, Drawing Life’ at the Gallery of Modern Art.  Both brilliant; I love to see imagination in children’s books and especially cartoony characters that I can relate too, but it is also great to see such realism portrayed too – it amazes me how much variety there is in children’s picture books; and of course the brilliant Matisse whose line work is definitely one to aspire to as I take my sketch book everywhere I go trying to master the lines of life that I see all around me.  It was also great to view sketch books from the picture book artists to see insights into their developing ideas – I sometimes find these more exciting then the final pieces of artwork!
Being a French artist, Matisse’s artwork had French names, which I thought added to the artwork in itself, which gave it almost a cute personal touch, for example portraits of his loved ones may simply be called ‘Mademoiselle Matisse’
I wanted to give my picture book reading picture a French title, but I do not think my French teachers from school would be very happy with that translation!!  Haha 
 As always when visiting exhibitions, I always leave them with inspiration at my side..

Inspiration at my side

Home sweet home

House hunting in a big new city isn’t easy.  We needed maps – maps of the train lines, maps of the bus routes, maps of the ferry routes, and maps of the roads.  I eventually tracked down a nice compact road map.  Being a small city boy of York and Canberra I was used to maps fitting on one A3 size piece of paper – but not Brisbane – you needed to collect about 8 A3 seperate maps in order to piece together the entire area!  Where do you start looking first for a house to move into?
We eventually did find a nice townhouse.  It was all spacious and sparse as we had yet to have any of our shipping or furniture deliveries.  So as I was sat in the corner with nothing but my sketchbook I envisaged a few little local helpers helping me to move in! 

Inspired By: Horror Movie Posters

Continuing my ‘Inspired By’ themes, this time I chose horror movie posters.  So I got a book out of the library which had a vast collection of horror posters in it and I chose 3 which I could adopt into my own style with Australian wildlife!!
So the first poster was for ‘The Killer Shrews’, and so I changed it to ‘The Killer Roos’, changing the image of the tail of a shrew to that of an Eastern Grey Kangaroo!

Next was ‘King Kong’ which I just had to change to ‘Koala Kong’!!  And instead of Kong being at the top of the Empire State Building, Koala Kong is on top of the Australian Parliament building.  I have also changed the female role to have red hair to reflect Julia Gillard who is Australia’s Prime Minster.

And finally is ‘An American Werewolf in London’ which I have obviously changed to ‘An Australian Kangaroo in London’!

I also wanted to use a different medium for each poster, and so it was inks for The Killer Roos, pencils for Koala Kong, and gouache for An Australian Kangaroo in London.

Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Week 3/14

Firstly, I must just say that the cafe in the School Of Art at the ANU has the most chocolaty tastiest Mocha I have had to date in Canberra, mmm!  So every Monday morning I will now be having one of these before the lesson!

In the lesson we focused on collages and caricatures.  Here is my caricature page:

The homework was twofold.  The observational sketches this week were of people drinking and eating:

The other part of the homework was to create a human face from an animals’.  This I enjoyed, and created Kangaroo-Man, Koala-Man, Wedge Tailed Eagle-Man, daughter of Wedge Tailed Eagle-Man, and Fish Man (the Eagles and fish being my favourite!):