Personal Arty updates in May – Progress with Ringo the Ringtail Possum and Tree Sketches

  LAst month I posted some pictures of sketch character developments for Ringo the Ringtail Possum and his Australian wildlife friends as I am on a mission to create a picture book for them.  This month I thought I would try a few sample images both with pencils and in digital form to get a […]

Cute Koala Cartoon Illustration Merch Design – Colour Diversity

  For this month I created an image to align with International Day for Biological Diversity, which is on Wednesday 22nd May.  After asking for suggestions my good friend and fellow artist Kay suggested an albino koala.  I thought that I would take this one step further and create a cute cartoon illustration featuring several […]

Thank you to those who bought my cute Aussie Wildlife Products in April 😁

  A big thank you to everyone who bought my products in April.  To coincide with Easter the sleeping Koala on an Easter Egg greeting card was bought, and other popular Koala designs were sleeping on a tree with heart leaves and sleeping with a sloth.  The bouncing kangaroo continues to popular which is one […]

Koala & Sloth Cute and Adorable Merch Designs

  This is an alternative design I had created for Valentines Day which had a some nice reaction to on my social media so I thought I would put on to merchandise in my online store.  Especially today being World Wildlife Day, it is a great opportunity to love both the koala and sloth from […]

Cute Emu and Koala Valentine’s Cartoon

Ive had this little scenario in my head for awhile now as I’ve been developing an emu character. The emu is extremely excited to be able to reveal they secretly admire their Valentine. But the valentine is a koala and being asleep unfortunately the emu can’t reveal their admiration.

Koala loves Eucalypt love koala Valentine’s Pattern

I thought I would try a pattern out. Here is a simple cute cartoon illustration showing koala loves Eucalypt leaves loves koala and so on. What do you think of it? Available on a range of merchandise products including t-shirts, kids clothing, cushions, bags, mugs and more at my Redbubble shop

Cute Koala and Platypus Designs for Australia Day

  With Australia Day fast approaching I designed a couple of cartoon illustrations featuring a koala and platypus as great Australian gift and souvenir ideas. The first design is my super cute koala asleep and hugging Australia with a love heart.  This is available on a range of T-shirts and clothing.   The second design […]

Thank you to Little Gnome Book Store for stocking my Koala Greeting Cards

  I would just like to give a huge thank you to Little Gnome bookstore in Wynnum, Brisbane, for stocking my cute koala greeting cards.  It really is appreciated! For ,ore information about Little Gnome bookstore, including their awesome values of stocking items from local authors and illustrators in Brisbane, as well as supplying awesome […]