Kookaburra and Kangaroo Mugs

Laughing Kookaburras mug cute illustration by Edd Cross Boing Boing Kangaroo mug cute illustration by Edd Cross

We went back to UK for Christmas and look what I came across – Laughing Kookaburras and Boing Boing Kangaroo mugs that I previously sent family for Christmas presents a few years ago!  These certainly make hot drinks fun!!

To see the full range of merchandise please visit my Cafepress shop pages for Laughing Kookaburras or Boing Boing Kangaroo.

Brisbane Drawing & Painting September 2015 Meetup – Walkabout Creek


Photo of Edd Cross cute illustration of wallaby at Walkabout Creek, Brisbane Forest Park
Cute wallaby illustration at Walkabout Creek
Photo of Edd Cross illustration of Walkabout Creek Visitor Centre, Brisbane Forest Park
Illustration of Walkabout Creek visitor centre


Today was Septembers meetup for the Brisbane Painting and Drawing Group, and the venue was the awesome Walkabout Creek at Brisbane Forest Park.

This group is excellent to meet people with such variety of talent to learn and inspire from.

I photographed two of my illustrations from today; one of a cute wallaby which was admired for its picture book cuteness, and the back of the visitor centre working in some textures.

Cute illustration of feeding time at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Cute illustration of koala echidna tree kangaroo cassowary feeding at Currumbim wildlife sanctuary



The weekend before last Hazel and I ventured out to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  As always, I was armed with my sketchbook, tying to capture the essence of all the beautiful native animals they had.  In the afternoon, we seem to have randomly started following a couple of members of staff who were out to feed the animals.  So we saw the koalas, echidnas, tree kangaroos and cassowarys all having a good feast!