SKETCH: Cicada shell, Whites Hill Reserve, Brisbane

cicada shell cartoon sketches whites hill reserve brisbane

“I Can Hug Trees Too”

Just thought I’d post this as it is something a little bit different from my usual cute and fluffy wildlife animals!  I came across some cicada shells on a tree on a recent lunch time walk in Whites Hill Reserve in Brisbane and so I attempted to sketch them..  Then I realised that, yes they may not be cute and fluffy, but they do belong to the wonderful natural landscape and the order of animals called ‘Tree Huggers’ which classification covers a wide range of animals which includes koalas, possums, snakes, and nature loving humans.

Leaf/Stick Insect Pencil Drawing



leaf stick insect pencil drawing illustration



From Thursday:

When I got to work this morning I noticed a leaf insect on the veranda not looking very lively so I moved him out of harms way on to a nearby bush in case he would be trodden on.

On the bush he still didn’t move and I thought it wasn’t looking good for him but I hoped he could at least find some rest amongst camouflage.

Then I went back at lunch time and he had moved slightly into a nice pose for me to draw him! I must admit my colleagues thought I was a bit odd staring right into a bush with my sketchbook!

Later on I went to see if he was still there but I couldn’t find him. So here’s hoping he’s alright now!

So when I got home I traced one of my sketchbook drawings and added some pencil colour!