Thank you to those who bought my cute Aussie Wildlife Products in April 😁

  A big thank you to everyone who bought my products in April.  To coincide with Easter the sleeping Koala on an Easter Egg greeting card was bought, and other popular Koala designs were sleeping on a tree with heart leaves and sleeping with a sloth.  The bouncing kangaroo continues to popular which is one […]

Easter Cassowary Cartoon Illustration Greeting Card Design and Colouring In Sheet

  The second Easter cartoon illustration design for 2019 is a Cassowary as suggested by Cherie. I thought it would be funny to see the Cassowary standing up from the nest and seeing the eggs painted for Easter! And as I was drawing it in black and white I just knew it would also make […]

Cute Easter Quokka Cartoon Illustration Greeting Card Design

  I approached my Easter illustrations differently this year and asked my followers for suggestions of Australian animals that they would like to see on merchandise.  I received three awesome suggestions of a cassowary, a quokka and a wombat.  Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to be able to do all three otherwise I would […]

Koala & Sloth Cute and Adorable Merch Designs

  This is an alternative design I had created for Valentines Day which had a some nice reaction to on my social media so I thought I would put on to merchandise in my online store.  Especially today being World Wildlife Day, it is a great opportunity to love both the koala and sloth from […]

Cute Emu and Koala Valentine’s Cartoon

Ive had this little scenario in my head for awhile now as I’ve been developing an emu character. The emu is extremely excited to be able to reveal they secretly admire their Valentine. But the valentine is a koala and being asleep unfortunately the emu can’t reveal their admiration.

Thank you to Little Gnome Book Store for stocking my Koala Greeting Cards

  I would just like to give a huge thank you to Little Gnome bookstore in Wynnum, Brisbane, for stocking my cute koala greeting cards.  It really is appreciated! For ,ore information about Little Gnome bookstore, including their awesome values of stocking items from local authors and illustrators in Brisbane, as well as supplying awesome […]

A love catching possum, Koala cartoon work in progress, Monthly Social Sketches and a trip to Curious Affection

Hi everyone and welcome to my April blog post 🙂  Here you will find ‘Love Catching’, my latest cute design for Ringo the Ringtail Possum, a cartoon work in progress for the Australian Koala Foundation, a bunch of pictures from the social art groups I attend, my selection of images from the amazing ‘Curious Affection’ […]

“Every Tree Needs A (Koala) Star” – Christmas Card 2017

And let me present to you this years cute Australian wildlife Christmas card – “Every Tree Needs A Star”! The iconic star of the Australian bush is the koala and the conservation message is that koalas needs trees and in a time of deforestation and habitat loss they are becoming an endangered species. So I […]

Cute Australian Wildlife Greeting Cards

In addition to my Christmas Greeting Cards, there is also the option of greeting cards featuring my range of cute illustrated Australian Wildlife designs that feature koalas, possums and long necked turtles. Great for Christmas, birthdays or any greeting you would like for all Aussie Wildlife lovers! To see the full range of greeting cards […]

Cute Australian Wildlife Christmas Cards

Ooh this week I have sold a few Possum Christmas Cards already so now is a great time for me to show you my selection of cute Australian wildlife Christmas cards.  My illustrated range features koalas and possums. To see the designs and all the products that they are featured on please see my Redbubble […]