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Some sketches – post 1 of 2

Edd Cross Brisbane  illustrator sketch Edd Cross Brisbane  illustrator sketch Edd Cross Brisbane  illustrator sketch Emu Foot Tree

Edd Cross Brisbane  illustrator sketch Banksia Edd Cross Brisbane  illustrator sketch Water Dragon


As I have just finished another sketchbook, I have realised I still have come sketches from my first sketchbook of 2016 waiting to be uploaded.  And as there are so many I thought I’d do them in two posts.

These sketches are mainly from my lunchtime nature meanderings, and this post features non-koala sketches.

The first couple of illustrations are of ‘things’ that I saw and slightly manipulated them into weird and wonderful creatures.

The final three, is a tree that had an emu foot, a banksia and a lovely water dragon.


Stinkhorn Fungus

This fungus is a deep pink colour, and looks like someone has stuck an octopus upside down into the undergrowth.  The ‘stinky’smell that the fungus gives off attracts the flys which crawl inside the fungus tube like body and get covered in it’s spores which is it’s way of reproduing.

The Great Oz Eddventure #87 – Flowering Grassy Tree/Xanthorrhoea (pastel)

The Xanthorrhoea has a common name of Grassy Tree due to it having a dark trunk with a grassy top.  A bush fire is required for it to flower, but a Ranger at Tidbinbilla lit the grassy part and then a few months later the the metre long flower started to shoot.  It is such an impressive and unusual design that it captivated me to spend 10 minutes before work making this pastel picture.