Reef Blitz Moreton Bay

eel and turtle sketches by Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross

Reef Blitz Moreton Bay

On Sunday Hazel and I joined a Reef Blitz boat trip to Moreton Bay to St Helen Island to help with some citizen science.  It was a joint arrangement by Reef Check, Coral Watch and Mangrove Watch, with each organisation providing lots of great information about how we can all help collect data for their research – please click on the links in this paragraph to learn more.

It was a great day out and being an avid scuba diver and lover of sea life I’ll definitely be looking at ways to help.

Oh yes, that was a quick sketch from a photo of an eel and turtle within the Coral Watch brochure 🙂

Where’s Fishy?

Where's the fish? Illustration

On Saturday I went to another great talk by Mark Carthew to learn further about his picture book creativity.  It was a wonderful event with a High Tea afterwards where I conversed with other authors and editors.  It put me on a height of inspiration afterwards.

So what does this have to do with my fishy illustration you ask?  Well, one thing Mark likes his illustrators to do is put hidden things in each illustration so there are always new things to find every time a kid picks up the book.  I have for awhile been playing around with the idea of ‘Where’s Fishy?’, an aquarium version of Where’s Wally.  So whilst on the topic of hidden things I thought I would try a little illustration of this to see what you think?

Can you find Fishy?

Two published illustrations in book ‘Writers For Animals’..

A fair few months I spied an exciting opportunity of providing illustrations towards a book called ‘Writers For Animals’, which is a collective of animal based stories.

The brief was to provide A5 sized illustrations in black and white tones.

All I had to do was to pick which stories I wish to illustrate!

Fishing Is Cruel
 First up, being a fish keeping and scuba diving enthusiast, it was very easy to pick a story that was based around fishing being cruel.
King Kong
My second illustration that was published was for a story called ‘King Kong’ in which the titular character was actually a dog.  So to play on the words, I thought it would be cool if the owner was actually taking the gorilla King Kong for a walk!!

To purchase the book form Amazon please follow this link

Proceeds from the sale of this special book go directly to help real animals supporting the work of Hillfields Animal Sanctuary, Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue and ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network).

Sketches From Stradbroke Island – Whalewatching & aTurtle!

Last weekend we went to Stradbroke Island – absolutely beautiful!  Not only did we see a koala and a kangaroo, but also a whole bunch of ocean wildlife to marvel over without even having to get wet!!  We saw humpback whales, turtles, bottlenose dolphins and manta rays!!
So, as always, the sketchbook came with me and I just added some digital colour back at home to a couple of sketches:
Whale watching

Ptchhhh – the first thing you see and hear from a whale is the water being expelled from it’s blow hole, then it’s dorsal fin breaking the surface, and finally it’s caudal fin disappearing back into the water.

Turtle under the surface

Hazel took some absolutely beautiful photos

Merchandise to show you care for your fish..

Continuing my cute fish theme I want to represent caring for your pet fish.  It looks like these two fish are happy that the hand is providing them with a little natural habitat for them…
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I Love Heart My Fish Merchandise

Because I love all my pet fish (past and present).  They are such brilliant little characters that bring me a lot of joy.  I’m sure other fishkeeping enthusiasts love theirs too, and this is the perfect way to outwardly show that!  To see the full range of ‘I Love My Fish’ merchandise in my store click on this link