See my artwork again at The Green Heart Fair!


Illustration of Long necked turtle and sugar glider riding bicycle for green heart fair
1 of 8 illustrations of Turtle & Glider to see at The Green Heart Fair.

On Sunday 2nd June is the next Green Heart Fair in Brisbane, at 7th Brigade Park, Chermside.  Once again my Turtle and Sugar Glider characters will be out in the Brisbane City Council marquee.  There are 8 different illustrations of Turtle and Glider representing the four different key areas of sustainability (Backyards, Community, Homes and Natural Areas – see if you can spot them all!).  And also the two life size boards of Turtle and Glider where you can stick your head through and have your photograph taken as one of them (great for your Facebook profile picture!).


Painted long necked turtle and sugar glider boards for Green Heart Fair in Brisbane
Have your picture taken as either Turtle or Glider…

Internet updates!!

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I would just like to keep you up to date with where you can find me on the internet as both Minster Man and Grilla now have their own blogs, pages and groups!:

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Facebook Application

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For all those facebook users, please feel free to use my new exciting facebook application, where you can send Minster Man, Grilla and other various images to all your friends!

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