Bedroom wall paintings – Kangaroos and sleeping koala

Sleeping Koala bedroom wall painting

Whilst back in the UK over October, I had a brief project at Hazel’s brother’s house.  In their kiddies bedroom they wanted some Ozzy animals painted on the walls.  This was left to my own devices, with only 4 half empty tins of different colour paint left over from decorating the rest of their house and a couple of spare hours in an afternoon.

So these are the finished articles.  A sleeping koala and a kangaroo mother with her joey.  It was great to see the kids smiles after I had finished 🙂

Kangaroo mother with joey bedroom wall painting

Ringo and The Dark Artists ready for ZICS!

Ringo the Possum and the Dark Artists mini comics by Edd Cross

This weekend is ZICS, Brisbane’s first ‘Zine and Independent Comic Symposium’.  And I have got a table booked so please pop in and say hello if you are in Brisbane!  I will be selling a brand new Ringo the Possum mini comic and two issues of The Dark Artists.

Ringo the Possum and Roobot mini comic

I have literally just completed, printed, folded and stapled my latest mini comic which features everyone’s favourite cute little Ringtail Possum, Ringo.  Ringo finds a new friend in a toy called Roobot!

The Dark Artists mini comics by Edd Cross

Some of you may already be familiar with my other four characters called The Dark Artists, which are four goths who have an appreciation for the arts.  There is issue 1 Minimalism and issue 2 Pop Art.

Hopefully see you at the weekend 🙂

Ringo the Possum loves chocolates!

Cute illustration of possum eating chocolate

Well, don’t we all?  On Friday, Hazel and I went to a radical wine and chocolate event at the Queensland Museum.   We sampled some wines and yummy chocolates and even got to play in the Science Fiction Science Future display.  We bought some chocolates, but when we got home little Ringo decided to tuck into those!  🙂

Possum University poster illustration

possum university poster illustrationYesterday I went to see Monsters University.  I loved Monsters Inc so this was a must to see how Mike and Sully became friends and learnt their scaring ways.  I also like the end credits; in ‘Inc’ we saw the hilarious performance of the company play so I knew we should expect to see something fun in this one too.  It always amazes me when 98% of movie goers walk out before the first name in the credits appear.  Wait, sit down, you may miss something!

The first part of the credits show the scaring cards that Mike and Sully collected.  The second part, throughout the main credits, show little illustrations that I would class as exciting ziney illustrations; little posters and flyers advertising various university groups and associations and things.  The third part, right at the end… well, you will just have to watch the film to find out hahahaha!

I chose the second part and decided to illustrate my own poster, but for ‘Possum University’.  I just wonder what Ringo’s backstory would be – what would he have learnt from Possum University…?

Ringo the Possum returns home from the CYA Conference

Ringo Ringtail Possum returns home illustration

This weekend I went to the CYA Conference (Children and Young Adults Writers and Illustrators Conference) here in Brisbane. Thanks to Tina and Ally for organising.

It was great to be able to network and meet fellow creatives, and to also be able to talk to publishers and published writers/illustrators.   There were also a variety of workshops to attend to learn from the pros!  A few of the many inspirational people that I met:

Claire Craig from Pan Macmillan publishers.  It was great to meet you at the networking dinner on Friday night and chat during the main course.

Tristan Bancks who is a children’s and teen author.  We met Tristan during the desert course on Friday night.  With my beard and purple tie Tristan thought I could be a wizard!

Serena Geddes who provided a brilliant illustrator masterclass on characters.  Serena has also worked for Disney on Lion King 2 which was absolutely fascinating to listen to.  Thank you so much to Serena for looking through my portfolio – very much appreciated.

Judy Horacek held a masterclass after Serena on cartoons and illustrations.  I had heard Judy speak before at the State Library so it was exciting to be able to actually take part in her workshop.

James Foley held the third masterclass where he introduced us all to using clay to create 3D interpretations of our characters in order to create better illustrative designs of them.  I will show photos of mine in another blog post.


Looking forward to next year…