World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day montage sketch tmnt mon repos cute illustration


I found out at lunch time it was World Turtle Day today!  And we were going out for most of the day so this is a quick photo montage.

I found my picture of me at Mon Repos with the hatchling turtle – one of the most amazing experiences of my life; a quick photo before going out this evening to an 80s party so I wore my TMNT t-shirt; and funnily enough I had actually drawn two TMNT lunchtime sketches this week so added those in as well!

Then put it all into Photoshop, create a cool turtly background and add in my cute Trent the Long Necked Turtle!

Ringo’s Earth Hour Comic Strip

Ringo possum cute Earth Hour comic strip

On late Tuesday night this came to me.  So in the spirit of Earth Hour, I spent just 60 mins to create it (which included the initial brainstorm and finding some scrap paper!).  And now shared with you for Earth Hour day itself – for more information please follow this link


koala meets Gizmo from Gremlins

Cute illustration of koala meeting gizmo from gremlins

Currently at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane they are showing a range of old school ‘monster’ horror films.  So I bought a five day film pass to satisfy the horror fan inside of me, and the first film to see was Gremlins with the adorably cute Gizmo!

It struck me that Gizmo is very much like a koala – cute, small and cuddly and need to be treated with responsibility.  So just to recap on those responsibilities: no sunlight, no water, and no feeding after midnight, all create havoc for our little Gizmo.  In the film, when water is accidently dropped on Gizmo he multiplies and creates 6 more babies in a matter of minutes, which unfortunately all turn out evil.  What about koala?  They need their habitat protecting as they are a threatened species as their numbers are in decline.

So in a world where Koala meets Gizmo on a wet stormy night, Gizmo says to Koala “If only the rain water made you multiply”.