Inktober & World Habitat Day koala conservation cartoon illustration

Inktober World Habitat Day koala conservation cartoon illustration

Save the Koala Day Conservation Sketch Illustration

Save the Koala Day conservation sketch illustration


Wahoo today is Save the Koala Day and therefore I was hoping to find a koala today but unfortunately to no avail.  To tell the truth I haven’t seen one in quite some time.  It just really highlights the endangered status of these beautiful marsupials that even my sightings are becoming rare from when I was seeing them every couple of weeks at Whites Hill Reserve.  So we must ensure we protect and save our koalas!

Therefore my cartoon illustration highlights this as it is a perfect branch for a koala to sit on but there is no koala…

September Newsletter and Dates for Calendar

September Calendar cute koala possum kookaburra turtle cartoon illustration


September is here and in the calendar this month is the adorable sleeping koala, Ringo the Ringtail Possum, Kookaburra and Long Necked Turtle.  Adorable or what?!  To see the full calendar please click here.

Today I have sent out my September newsletter providing all the latest news from my cute little world of Australian wildlife characters.  To subscribe please click here.

Some interesting dates to note for your calendar is:
September is Save the Koala Month
2nd September – Woolloongabba Conservation Group
7th September – Threatened Species Day
11th September – National Bilby Day
16th September – Ace Comics Drawing Group

Tawny Frogmouth nest sketches

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator skech of Tawny Frogmouth nest babies hatchlings fledglings

Tawny Frogmouth Family Nest

On Thursday the Tawny Frogmouth nest was still being occupied by a parent and chick observing everything going on around them.  Then on Friday they had finally abandoned their nest and were sitting on a different branch on the opposite side of the tree blending in with the silhouettes of the leaves.

It has been a pleasure to watch this little family over the past couple of months at Whites Hill Reserve.  They also nested in the same area last year too.  But with the recent land clearing/development going on right next to their tree, I will be very surprised if they return to this spot again next year.

Reef Blitz Moreton Bay

eel and turtle sketches by Brisbane illustrator Edd Cross

Reef Blitz Moreton Bay

On Sunday Hazel and I joined a Reef Blitz boat trip to Moreton Bay to St Helen Island to help with some citizen science.  It was a joint arrangement by Reef Check, Coral Watch and Mangrove Watch, with each organisation providing lots of great information about how we can all help collect data for their research – please click on the links in this paragraph to learn more.

It was a great day out and being an avid scuba diver and lover of sea life I’ll definitely be looking at ways to help.

Oh yes, that was a quick sketch from a photo of an eel and turtle within the Coral Watch brochure 🙂

This weekend – Brisbane Drawing Group and Bayside conservation

NAtional Tree Day 2016 Mount Gravatt Brisbane

This weekend – Brisbane Drawing Group and Bayside Conservation

I have an exciting weekend coming up – on Saturday I am joining the Brisbane Drawing and Painting Meetup group on the monthly draw outing, and this time its at Mowbray Park – more details… 

Then on Sunday I am heading over to Melaleuca Park to do some conservation as part of the Bayside Creek Catchment Group.

Can’t Wait!

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