Australian Koala Foundation – Cartoon Update

Edd Cross Cartoonist Illustrator at Australian Koala Foundation
Australian Koala Foundation – Cartoon Update

Today I headed over to the Australian Koala Foundation and met up again with Deborah Tabart and her team.  It was greatly inspiring to learn all about their goals for the next few years and how they would like to continue using my cartoons to enhance their campaigns.

So keep tuned as I will be producing monthly cartoons.  I can’t wait to get started!




Work In Progress: Melomys Cartoon for Wildlife Australia Magazine

Wildlife Australia Magazine by Wildlife Queensland featuring cartoon by Edd Cross Wildlife Australia Magazine by Wildlife Queensland featuring cartoon by Edd Cross

Wildlife Australia Magazine Cartoon Work In Progress

Here are a couple of photos from my work in progress for the Wildlife Queensland Magazine cartoon.  Over the past couple of months ideas went back and forth with the magazine editor to endeavour to produce the cartoon that would compliment the article, Learning form Loss, the best.

There were plenty of angles and directions this could have gone in.  The article focuses on three animals that have become extinct in recent times and suggests that inquests should be made on their deaths, like humans, so that we can learn and protect future wildlife that are under threat.

My initial concepts ranged from animals holding an inquest through to scenes in heaven.  But we always came back to a scene of pair of melomys stranded in open water as their story is the first mammal to become extinct due to raising sea levels from climate change.

The article points out that if we had known about the state of the melomys, one preservation action could have been to determine a captive breeding program for them, so my cartoon features the final pair of stranded melomys submitting their online application for the breeding program, before it is too late.

So here are a coupe of photos of the original drawing and photoshop colouring in for you 🙂

A Closer look at my cartoon in Wildlife Australia Magazine

Wildlife Australia Magazine by Wildlife Queensland featuring cartoon by Edd Cross

“Two cute melomys available immediately for a captive breeding program”

And here is a closer look at my cartoon in the Wildlife Australia magazine.  Out of the three extinct animals the article focused on, I chose the bramble cay melomys as I enjoyed capturing their cuteness and they have huge visual impact.  These melomys are the first mammal to become extinct by raising sea levels due to climate change and I think that is massive news that needs to be broadcasted.  And as the article, ‘Learning From Loss’, highlights, why isn’t there an inquest into these extinctions for us to learn from, and could have set up a captive breeding program before it was too late.

Wildlife Australia Magazine Centrefold Spot for my Cartoon!

Wildlife Australia Magazine by Wildlife Queensland featuring cartoon by Edd Cross

My Cartoon got the Centrefold spot in Wildlife Australia Magazine!

I must admit I wasn’t expecting this.  I got a banner image and centrefold spot in the Wildlife Australia Magazine!!  My cartoon helps to illustrate an article called ‘Learning From Loss’ where scientist ask why wildlife extinctions don’t have inquests into their deaths like humans do.  That why we might be able to learn more from these extinctions…

More about my cartoon tomorrow…

It’s Arrived: Australian Wildlife Magazine featuring my cartoon!!!

Wildlife Australia Magazine by Wildlife Queensland featuring cartoon by Edd Cross

Exciting – Wildlife Australia Magazine with my cartoon has arrived!

Here it is, finally arrived in my letterbox – the Wildlife Australia Magazine that features my cartoon – wahoo!!  Now which page is it on… find out tomorrow!

Have you got a copy of it?  You can buy them here for Wildlife Queensland website…

Testimonial: Artwork for Australian History Detectives

edd cross illustrator history detectives banner design

Testimonial for artwork created for Australian History Detectives

Last month I created a banner and profile picture for new Brisbane based business Australian History Detectives which specialise in Family and Local History Research.

The brief was loose and I provided multiple sketched options at the beginning to choose from.  I know the owner, Jan, has a pet cat, and so one suddenly emerged in sketchbook with a question mark tail to follow her around.

Jan provided me with a lovely testimonial: “I love Edd’s work. He has created a fabulous avatar and art work for my new business website. Edd works carefully. He listened and reflected, before preparing drafts for comment, and in response, he created unique branding with a style that reflects my personality and interests. Feedback from friends (the most testing audience) has been an enthusiastic thumbs up.”  Click here to read all my testimonials…

You can view the banner on the Australian History Detectives website and also on their Facebook page in due course.

2017 is the year of the Koala (Illustrations for Australian Koala Foundation)

2017 is Edd Cross Illustrators year of the koala Australian Koala Foundation illustrations

Illustrations for Australian Koala Foundation in 2017

This morning I had a wonderful meeting with Deborah Tabart (CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation) where we discussed a whole range of topics all affecting the plight of our cute koala.  I also reacquainted myself with Matilda the Donkey  and to hear about her campaign escapades.

The great news is that I will be continuing my cartoons for the Australian Koala Foundation next year and I can’t wait to get started and work towards helping the future of our cute wildlife.

I will tell more in due course as things get finalised but wanted to share this exciting moment with you.

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