Sketches from Stanthorpe

Edd Cross Illustrator sketch from Stanthorpe Edd Cross Illustrator tree sketch from Stanthorpe Edd Cross Illustrator tree sketch from Stanthorpe Edd Cross Illustrator chicken sketches from Stanthorpe


For the long weekend at the end of April we stayed in Stanthorpe enjoying the nature walks and vineyards 🙂

Here are some sketches I did whilst we were there – a couple of trees, some chickens we saw at Heavenly Chocolate, and a black cockatoo face (which was actually some shadow on a tree trunk which resembled the face so I couldn’t help but draw it!)

The Great Oz Eddventure Continues To Kangaroo Island

Welcome to Kangaroo Island!!

At the end of October Hazel and I visited the very beautiful Kangaroo Island in South Australia.  As always, my sketchbook was at hand and below are the illustrations of some of the wonderful wildlife we came across, which KI is known for.

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo

The first animal we saw were a flock of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos having an afternoon snack in the tree tops.
A bimbling Superb Fairy Wren
As we were having a picnic in the bush one day we were watching some Superb Fairy Wrens bimbling around quite close to us.  As I had already drawn these birds a few times before, I wanted this time to demonstrate their ‘bimbling’ movements, and so added in the line movements.
Kangaroo Island is very famous for the attraction of being able to see the next three animals on one holiday outing!!  So first up are the seals and sea lions… 

Living life on the edge!

A poser!

It’s been a hard day…

In need of a stretch…

The third animal, and our favourite, are the little fairy penguins.  We were very fortunate to see around 12 penguins on our tour, the majority being babies waiting for their parents to return home with some food.  Our tour was immediately after a heavy lightening storm and the penguins were sheltering in their little rock caves.

Aww, cute little penguin sheltering in the storm.

The Great Oz Eddventure #54 – Gangsters and Showgirls Tango at the Blue Mountains

Last weekend, Hazel and I went to the Blue Mountains.  This trip was primarily to attend a couple of tango workshops and also a milonga in the evening, of which the theme was gangsters and showgirls.  As you can see from my cartoon picture we dressed perfectly for the occasion!
When we weren’t dancing, we walked and saw the great views of the Blue Mountains, including the Three Sisters, Mount Solitary and the Castle Ruins.  I was also pleased to see a few Black Cockatoos!