Cute Australian Wildlife December Newsletter and Dates for Calendar

Cute cartoon illustrated Australian Wildlife koala Calendar


December is here and in the calendar this month is my adorable cartoon illustrated koala receiving a gift of gum leaves from Santa Claus.  To see the full 12 months of the calendar please click here.

Today I have sent out my December newsletter providing all the latest news from my cute little world of Australian wildlife characters.  To subscribe please click here.

Some interesting dates to note for your calendar are:

3th December – Brisbane Painting & Drawing Meetup 10am @ 63 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton.
9th December – Ace Comics Drawing Group Christmas Meet 11am @Ace Comics in Annerley

“Every Tree Needs A Star” Cute Koala Christmas Merchandise & Gifts

Every tree needs a star cute koala christmas card

You have seen the cute Christmas card featuring my adorable little koala character and now here is a selection of gifts and merchandise featuring this years Christmas design – “Every Tree Needs A Star”.

Available on a range of clothing for adults and children and home wares (mugs, bags and pillows) this design makes an awesome gift for koala and Australian wildlife lovers.

To see the full range of this years cute Koala Christmas design please click here…

Or if you would like to peruse my full array of cute Australian wildlife designs please click here to view my online shop…

“Every Tree Needs A (Koala) Star” – Christmas Card 2017

Every tree needs a star cute koala christmas card

And let me present to you this years cute Australian wildlife Christmas card – “Every Tree Needs A Star”!

The iconic star of the Australian bush is the koala and the conservation message is that koalas needs trees and in a time of deforestation and habitat loss they are becoming an endangered species.

So I would just like to raise some awareness for our cute little koala this Christmas.

If you would like to buy the Christmas card or see the full product range please click here…

Or to see the full range of cute illustrated Aussie wildlife products please click here… 

Cute Australian Wildlife Christmas Cards

Cute australian wildlife Christmas Cards

Ooh this week I have sold a few Possum Christmas Cards already so now is a great time for me to show you my selection of cute Australian wildlife Christmas cards.  My illustrated range features koalas and possums.

To see the designs and all the products that they are featured on please see my Redbubble shop:

For all my Cute Australian Wildlife Merchandise please click here to visit my online shop…

Merry Christmas with a touch of koala cuteness!

Edd Cross Illustrator cute koala Christma image

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone, I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you to everyone who has made it a fabulous 2016 – I have made some great contacts both in Brisbane and on line and I look forward to interacting with you all again in 2017!

Here is the image for this years Christmas card where the main focus is on the act of giving; so I chose not to show Santa’s face, as really anyone can give, and in this case, it is love and leaves for the beautiful, cute and vulnerable koala!

I will now have a couple of weeks off line to enjoy time with family over Christmas and so I will see you back online again shortly.  If you need an illustration and would like to contact me please email me…

Merry Christmas!

Cute, Original and Funky Koala and Possum Christmas Cards Still Available

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator cute koala christmas card Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator cute koala christmas card Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator cute possum christmas card Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator cute koala christmas card

Cute Koala and Possum Christmas Card Still Available!

Still looking for some cute, original and funky Christmas Cards?  Then you have come to the right place!

My four Christmas cards featuring cute possums, koalas, and Santa (!) are still available to purchase from me in time for Christmas!

Please just email me if you would like to purchase some.  They are just $4 for one, or $10 for 3!!  And I will be donating 10% of the sales to the Australian Koala Foundation this Christmas!

10% of Christmas Card Sales to Australian Koala Foundation

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator Cute Australian wildlife koala possum christmas greeting cards gift

Helping Koalas at Christmas!

This Saturday at Comic St in Brisbane I will be donating 10% of my Christmas card sales to the Australian Koala Foundation.  The donation will go towards planting trees for, and research of, our beautiful little marsupials.

So please come along to my table and check out my cards and we can help to save the koala together this Christmas 🙂