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EMU AND CHOOK EASTER MERCH: Greeting Card, Notebook and Mug

Easter greeting card featuring cute cartoon emu and chicken illustration egg Easter notebook featuring cute cartoon emu and chicken illustration egg Easter mug featuring cute cartoon emu and chicken illustration egg

Greeting Card, Notebook and Mug featuring Emu and Chook

My Easter Design this year features my cute characters Emu and Chook.  Chook is feeling broody and decides to sit on emus egg.  Emu responds saying he thinks the egg is his!  It amuses me how my pet chooks sit on each others egg and I thought it would be funny if a chook decides to sit on a giant emu egg!

This design is available on a select three products in my online store: Greeting card, notebook and mug.  To see these please click here, or to see my full range of Easter designs please click here

SKETCH: New Easter Card Design featuring Emu and Chook

Easter design sketch featuring cute cartoon emu and chicken illustration egg

Emu and Chook Easter Card Design Sketch

I love emus and chickens so why not combine the two?  Whilst watching my pet chooks I’ve often thought they are miniature emus grazing along the garden pastures, and therefore emus are giant chickens grazing along Earth’s garden!  So I have been recently drawing the two together and this image emerged for Easter this year.

Our two chickens, when broody sit on each others eggs as if they were their own, and I thought it funny if a chook decided to just on an emu egg!

Cute Australian Wildlife Illustrated Easter Greeting Cards (Koala, Emu and Chooks)

Easter Greeting Card cute cartoon koala illustration on egg Easter greeting card featuring cute cartoon emu and chicken illustration egg Easter Greeting Card featuring cute caertoon emu family illustration egg

Looking for a Cute Australian Wildlife Easter Card?

If you are looking for a cute Easter card featuring cute Australian wildlife then you have come to the right place!  I have three designs available:

– Cute Sleeping Koala on an Easter Egg
– “I think that egg belongs to me…” says emu to the chook
– Cute Emu family

These are all available to purchase from my online shop at RedBubble.  Please click here to have a look…

Cock-a-doodle-do: Year of the Rooster sketching

chicken sketches concept rooster cute

Sketching Roosters

Whilst on the plane flying back from Melbourne a couple of weeks ago I thought I would have a moment rooster sketching as it is Year of the Rooster and I love chickens!

As I was drawing away I thought about rooster’s going ‘cock-a-doodle-do’ and how it was that I was doodling, so I just wrote ‘doodle-do’ in my sketch haha!

Chicken Drawing for new merchandise

Edd Cross Illustrator cute chicken chook hen sketch

New Merchandise Design – Chicken!!

Here’s something different for my online store!  Instead of a cute Australian wildlife design, I thought I would end the year with my cute chicken design!  Seeing as out two little new pets have given me lots of sketching pleasure this year I thought Id test out a chicken design!

What do you reckon?  Stay tuned over the next few days to see more…