The Great Oz Eddventure #63 – Moving House

Last weekend, we moved house, just a bit further North within Canberra.  Whilst packing things into boxes, I envisaged this image of packing my characters to take with me.  So from York, we have Grilla and Minster Man, and from Australia my new characters.  And now we finally have internet connection again I can continue with my blogging – hoorah!

The Great Oz Eddventure #61 – Daintree Rainforest: a cartoon perspective…

After Port Douglas, Hazel and I headed further north and stayed for three night in the Daintree Rainforest at Coral Sea View, which is an amazing Bed and Breakfast where you had your own cabin with stunning views of the rainforest coupled with the Coral Sea in the distance!

Being a rainforest it did rain, and I thought further about the name rainforest, and wondered what if it actually rained a forest:

On our way to the Rainforest we took a trip up the Daintree River on a search for crocodiles.  We went with Solar Whisper who I recommend as as the name says they are solar powered which means less noise and pollution, which means that the boat could actually get a it closer to the crocodiles, and a few crocodiles we did see 🙂
To keep on the large reptile theme, there was a lot of lovely walking to be done around the Daintree, and I wondered what if a walking group were all told to bring their gaiters to wear, and my character misheard what they said:
Now this image is probably more Great Barrier Reef related, but we were told that there are some sharks in the Daintree River too.

Franki Sparke’s Visual Storytelling Course – Weeks 5 and 6

I thought that I would link these two weeks together.  Firstly because all the work that I did over the last two weeks can be grouped together, and secondly I will unfortunately be missing next week’s session so I will get up to date now, and then restart the next Storytelling blog post when I attend the session in two weeks time…

One thing I have been developing is my character, and here are a selection of sketches of him:

Then we had homework of drawing locations for our character.  This I mainly did on my lunch time at Tidbinbilla, focusing on both scenic landscapes and individual trees/bushes:
Then the next stage is to place our characters within these locations:
And here is my favourite completed piece of art for this week:

Australian Superhero – The Great Galah

Most people are familiar with the cute little Australian parrots, the Galahs; they are very distinctive with bright pink upper bodies, grey back and wings, and a white cap.  They are sometimes associated with a common saying of ‘Great Galah’ which is directed towards someone in a joking way.
I wanted to turn this phrase around and use the term ‘Great Galah’ as a superhero as they are such beautiful birds.

Australian Superhero – The Magpie

When I eat my lunch at Tidbinbilla, there is always a friendly magpie that comes to join me hoping for a crumb.  He walks around strutting his chest, owning the picnic area as his territory.  This gave me inspiration for a superhero that knows his territory.
Majority of people know magpies as swooping birds protecting their nesting area within the breeding season, and cyclists have often felt their strong beaks hitting their cycling helmets.  A superhero should be able to be fearless like this towards his enemies. 

So here he is – The Australian Magpie as a superhero.  He has an ‘M’ on his chest and three-pronged weapons in each hand to resemble the magpie’s claws.  Then maybe he could even be a part of The ACT Squad.  Enjoy..

Canaries Top of the League!!

Wow, have just got back from camping and I’m well chuffed to see that Norwich City have beaten Leeds United 1-0 on Saturday to extend their lead now by 11 points at the top of League 1!
Being so far away from Carrow Road (couldn’t get any further away unless I was in space!) it is great to hear about all these great wins this year.  That is why I couldn’t resist creating the above Canary!