NCFC Supporters Brisbane Meet #4

This was our meet up for the Villa game a couple of weeks ago.   A very good turn out indeed!  So much so, you have to play ‘Where’s Wally’ to find me in the photograph!  Thanks to Matt’s parents for the photograph who were on hols from the UK to join us!  For all Canaries Downunder info please go to

Artwork for the Green Heart Fair

This month has been super exciting!  At the end of September I was contacted by Brisbane City Council to provide some artwork for their marquee at the Green Heart Fair.  This fair focuses on sustainability and environmental initiatives which is very exciting being an enthusiast of all things Australian wildlife!

They had two face-cut out boards that required some attention.  So the first part of the brief was to create two characters that will go on to the boards.

Long necked turtle and sugar glider

 So along came a Long Necked Turtle and a Sugar Glider!!

Then there was also part two of the brief.  With the two painted boards to be outside the marquee, inside the marquee they required cartoon illustrations of the characters performing different actions of sustainability.

Edd Cross – Artist in action!!

So after an exciting challenging month 8 cartoon images were provided and the boards painted.  The Fair is tomorrow and I cannot wait to go and see all the illustrations ‘in action’!!  The boards were completed a few hours ago and here is a picture of my head in each:

Painted long neck turtle face cut out board

Painted sugar glider face cut out board

I’ll do another blog tomorrow showing everything in situation and a look at the cartoon illustrations.

NCFC Supporters Brisbane Logo

The NCFC supporters group in Brisbane are a passionate, loyal and fun group that it is really great to be a part of, especially when you are so far away from the UK.  Even better, was that I was asked to create a logo for our contingency to really distinguish our allegiance for our meet ups at televised games.  So it was obvious to utilise Queensland’s famous marsupial the koala donning the yellow jerseys and supporter’s paraphernalia!

I can’t wait for next weekend for the televised game when we will all be wearing T-Shirts with this logo on!  We will be the ultimate supporters group! 🙂

Brisbane Canaries featured in Norwich Evening News

The photo of one of our meets last season was used in an article for representing Canaries Downunder.  We are the faces of Norwich City supporters in Australia!! 🙂

To see the full article click here

Sketches From Stradbroke Island – Whalewatching & aTurtle!

Last weekend we went to Stradbroke Island – absolutely beautiful!  Not only did we see a koala and a kangaroo, but also a whole bunch of ocean wildlife to marvel over without even having to get wet!!  We saw humpback whales, turtles, bottlenose dolphins and manta rays!!
So, as always, the sketchbook came with me and I just added some digital colour back at home to a couple of sketches:
Whale watching

Ptchhhh – the first thing you see and hear from a whale is the water being expelled from it’s blow hole, then it’s dorsal fin breaking the surface, and finally it’s caudal fin disappearing back into the water.

Turtle under the surface

Hazel took some absolutely beautiful photos

Storyboard Completed for the SWARA Cartoon Workshop

All the brilliant ideas that had been created by the clients has now been finalised into a storyboard for the Faulty Wires sci-fi story comic book.  With the story now in a sequential form we can begin to create the characters and their costumes and all the artwork for the pages.  It’s planning to be a collage of photos and art.  How cool!!