Drawings from Ace Comics July Meetup

Sketches from Ace Comics Drawing Meetup Line Illustration of a tree with birds and musical notes

Further to Saturday’s post of my long necked turtle eating pizza from July’s meetup of the Ace Comics drawing group, here are the rest of my sketches from the day.  Some of my koala characters and random people who where at the comic book store to play games for the day.  Also I am designing a tree for my August merchandise – stay tuned for more!!

Brisbane Painting & Drawing July Meetup – 3 of 3

Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup St George Square lion statue

My third picture from Sundays Painting and Drawing Meetup Group in Brisbane was of the face of a lion statue in King George Square.  I just wanted to capture the face on one page.  The eyes proved a challenge as there was quite a lot going on with light and shape to work out.  It was even more fitting that the Winter Festival was playing music from The Lion King in the background haha.

Brisbane Painting and Drawing July Meetup: 1 of 3

Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup St George Square horse soldier statue

Today was the July Meetup for the Brisbane Painting and Drawing group and it was held at King George Sq in the City.

As I was waiting for others to arrive I drew this picture of one of the soldiers on horseback statue.  Normally I am quickly drawing people and animals as they pass me by, so it was nice to concentrate on a stationary object and put a little bit more time into it…

Ill post the next two pictures on Monday and Tuesday so please come back to have a look.  And please also come along to the next meetup in August 🙂

Brisbane Painting and Drawing July Meetup – Winter Festival

Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group - Southbank April

Tomorrow is the next meetup for the Brisbane Painting and Drawing group.  I’m the organiser for this month and have decided to hold it at King George Square so we can sketch away at the Winter Festival of all the ice skaters and a touch of winter in sunny Brisbane!

To join and RSVP please follow this link to Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/Brisbane-Painting-Drawing-Meetup/ 

July – Cute Australian Wildlife Illustrated Calendar Page featuring Koala and Possum

Cute Australian wildlife koala possum illustrated Calendar July 2017

I can’t believe we are into July already!  And here are the cute Ringo the Ringtail Possum and Koala playing in the tree for the July page in my adorable wildlife illustrated calendar.

Some dates to note for your calendar are:
7th July original TMNT screening at Metro Arts if you are a comic book fan
9th July Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup
29th July Comic St Expo
30th July National Tree Day (event with Mount Gravatt Environment Group)

If you would like to see my calendar for sale please visit my RedBubble shop by clicking here…

Pictures from the Marvel Exhibition at GOMA, Brisbane

Marvel GOMA Brisbane

Marvel GOMA Brisbane The Avengers Marvel GOMA Brisbane Spider-Man Marvel GOMA Brisbane Storyboards Marvel GOMA Brisbane Ant Man train set Marvel GOMA Brisbane Iron Man Marvel GOMA Brisbane Loki Marvel GOMA Brisbane Iron Man Arm

Marvel GOMA Brisbane Artist Work Area

Photos from GOMA’s Marvel Exhibition

With the Brisbane Painting and Drawing Meetup Group on Sunday we visited the Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art.  If you love the superhero movies then you will love this – the exhibition features a whole range of costumes, props, movie clips and scenery from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.  

Here are a selection of my favourite photos showing costumes, artwork, artist work space, and even the awesome train set from Ant Man!