Found a friend at the Australian Koala Foundation

Brisbane cartoon illustrator at Australian Koala Foundation

This week I had a great catch up meeting with the team at the Australian Koala Foundation where we discussed my ongoing cartoons and illustrations for their koala army.  I can’t wait for the next couple of months as I have a little project for their character Urban.  So watch this space…

Whilst I was at their office I found this big cuddly koala friend over my shoulder haha!

To see my previous koala cartoons for the AKF please follow this link…

Australian Koala Foundation – Cartoon Update

Edd Cross Cartoonist Illustrator at Australian Koala Foundation
Australian Koala Foundation – Cartoon Update

Today I headed over to the Australian Koala Foundation and met up again with Deborah Tabart and her team.  It was greatly inspiring to learn all about their goals for the next few years and how they would like to continue using my cartoons to enhance their campaigns.

So keep tuned as I will be producing monthly cartoons.  I can’t wait to get started!




EVENT: Restoring Earth & Australian Mega Fauna Project

Kangaroo mega fauna stop motion model

Mega Fauna Project Screening at Milk Factory

I met another creative, Joseph, at the Australian Koala Foundation Christmas Dinner last week, and he informed me of a Mega Fauna stop motion project he was working on.  How utterly cool and amazing I thought!  He has since provided me with details that there is a screening of this project at the Milk Factory in Brisbane on Saturday 18th.  I am definitely going!

Details from the Facebook event page:

A screening of the lastest and greatest of the Australian Mega Fauna Project. The project has been criss crossing Australasia for four years chasing scientists, bones, and all things mega fauna. This event is combines projected visuals and a live violins soundtrack as we take a viceral look at natural history down under.

Additionally we will be screening Restoring Earth a new film by the Wilderness Society. Stick around for a group discussion afterwards about the film.

From paddock to plate, more and more consumers are looking to know where their food comes from, and will be surprised to know that Australia ranks third among developed nations for land clearing globally. Land clearing has soared under reforms in Queensland, and now the NSW Government’s reforms to the Biodiversity Conservation Act could pave the way for a return to broad scale land clearing. Contrary to the pioneering philosophy that clearing the native landscape equals productivity, land clearing is responsible for a deficit in water and poor soil quality.

Cute, Original and Funky Koala and Possum Christmas Cards Still Available

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator cute koala christmas card Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator cute koala christmas card Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator cute possum christmas card Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator cute koala christmas card

Cute Koala and Possum Christmas Card Still Available!

Still looking for some cute, original and funky Christmas Cards?  Then you have come to the right place!

My four Christmas cards featuring cute possums, koalas, and Santa (!) are still available to purchase from me in time for Christmas!

Please just email me if you would like to purchase some.  They are just $4 for one, or $10 for 3!!  And I will be donating 10% of the sales to the Australian Koala Foundation this Christmas!

Comic St 2016 Brisbane

Edd Cross Illustrator cute australian wildlife at Comic St Brisbane Edd Cross Illustrator cute australian wildlife at Comic St Brisbane

Comic St Brisbane 2016

Here is me and my half table at Comic St in Brisbane on Saturday.  It was a great day out meeting and catching up with fellow artists, and viewing the overwhelming variety of talent that was an offer.  Additionally it was great to meet members of the public hearing their praise as they were at your stall.

I am going to write a series of posts over the week to break down what I gained and learned from the day so please come back to have a read ūüôā

I do still have greeting cards and medium male ‘Koala Bear’ t-shirt available – so please contact me if you wish to buy direct from me.¬† And don’t forget 10% of these card sales are being donated to the Australian Koala Foundation!

10% of Christmas Card Sales to Australian Koala Foundation

Edd Cross Brisbane Illustrator Cute Australian wildlife koala possum christmas greeting cards gift

Helping Koalas at Christmas!

This Saturday at Comic St in Brisbane I will be donating 10% of my Christmas card sales to the Australian Koala Foundation.  The donation will go towards planting trees for, and research of, our beautiful little marsupials.

So please come along to my¬†table and check out my cards and¬†we can help to save the koala together this Christmas ūüôā

2017 is the year of the Koala (Illustrations for Australian Koala Foundation)

2017 is Edd Cross Illustrators year of the koala Australian Koala Foundation illustrations

Illustrations for Australian Koala Foundation in 2017

This morning I had a wonderful meeting with Deborah Tabart (CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation) where we discussed a whole range of topics all affecting the plight of our cute koala.  I also reacquainted myself with Matilda the Donkey  and to hear about her campaign escapades.

The great news is that I will be continuing my cartoons for the Australian Koala Foundation next year and I can’t wait to get started and work towards helping the future of our cute wildlife.

I will tell more in due course as things get finalised but wanted to share this exciting moment with you.

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Reunited with Deborah and Matilda of the Australian Koala Foundation

Urban Koala Matilda Donkey cartoon illustration for Australia Koala Foundation Save the Koala

Matilda, Urban and Deborah

I am looking forward to tomorrow where I will be meeting Deborah again of the Australian Koala Foundation to discuss the potential of more future collaborations.

I really enjoyed creating the Urban the Koala and Matilda the donkey illustrations this year and really hope to build¬†on this.¬† To read more about the Vote1Matilda campaign please read this blog post…

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