The Great Oz Eddventure #10 – Possum Spotting

Because we love possums (just incase you hadn’t worked that out by now!):

When we first arrived we had no idea what these little furry creatures were that were looking back at us from their tree branches!

Now that we know what they are, we are continuously playing ‘possum spotting’!!  How many possums in the picture below can you see hiding out in the trees?

Work Xmas BBQ

On Friday night was our work Xmas BBQ.  I had designed and created the above image to go on our Christmas cards that we gave to all the volunteers that were there.
It was a fab evening getting to know everyone whilst having a good Ozzie BBQ!!  Thanks to my work buddies for organising such a great evening!
It was also encouraging to hear that some volunteers were impressed by my monthly Possum cartoon, and had even taken the time to look here on my blog – so a really BIG THANK YOU to you guys, it is really great to hear such positive feedback! 

The Great Oz Eddventure #9 – Canary Supporter a long way from Carrow Road

Being a Norwich City fan I usually travel to see them play once a month at Carrow Road while I was in the UK.  Now that I am in Oz, I am missing seeing them play, especailly as this season they are playing very well and it is a delight to see them winning games confidently again.
I therefore wanted to show this in cartoon form.  I have my canary (Norwich City are nicknamed the Canaries) perched on the edge of the branch, visiting my Australian animal cartoon characters (Cockaoo, Possum and Koala) with the delights of another win, hoping that they will continue to win for promotion.
And I thought I should add bit of yellow!:

The Great Oz Eddventure #7 – Conservation Work

About a month ago I volunteered for a couple of days doing some conservation work, which was really rewarding. And it was from here that I learnt of the vacancy that I successfully filled.

After each day’s volunteering I got the sketchbook out and made the following pictures:

On this project we were removing non-native bushes in preparation for planting in native ones. In teams of two, one person cut the bush, and the other applied poison to the stump. On the first day I carried the branches away.On day two I had a go at cutting and applying the poison. We were using saws and huge ‘loppers’ to cut the bushes. For the posion we had to wear elbow length thick rubber gloves. Having all this on me I felt as though I was starring in a horror movie..!!
Later on in the day I saw an interesting black spider with hints of silver on it. I learned that this was the deadly Wolf Spider, which inspired this picture!