New address for my blog

 have now moved my blog over to my domain, so you can now find it at I found it very difficult and bothersome to modify it once I had transferred it, that it took my whole day off to do!  Does anybody else find it difficult to modify once they have transferred their blogger…


After I went into the Body Shop one day I picked up a leaflet regarding “Miracle Treatment” where you can make donations to help the orangutans in Borneo.  The orangutan picture on the leaflet was so cute, and being a fan of orangutans, I had to draw it and so hear it is.

Birthday Possum

On my birthday we had an amazing meal at the Gunyah restaurant which is surrounded within trees and more trees.  And what lives in trees?  POSSUMS!As we were leaving the restaurant one little possum came out to wish me a Happy Birthday and struck a few poses for me to take some photos of him!